New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting - Special Meeting
October 05 , 2005

Jeris Cassel, Rebecca Gardner, Tom Glynn, Bill Hemmig, Ron Jantz, Martin Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Patricia Libutti, Jackie Mardikian(Chair), Laura Mullen(recorder), Ferris Olin, John Shepard, Ryan Womack, Ying Zhang

Purpose of Special Meeting:
Further discussion within NBLF about the position of New Brunswick Library Director.

Informal Agenda:

  1. Approval of the minutes of the first NBLF special meeting held on Sept. 21, 2005
  2. Any further discussion of proposals from first special meeting (Chair or AUL)
  3. Discussion of follow-up proposal of position crafted by Martin Kesselman which was distributed via email to NBLF list on 9/29/05


  1. Minutes of Sept. 21 were approved.
  2. There was a brief discussion of the proposals presented at the first special meeting(Sept. 21). Group is moving away from the Department Chair model. The results of the straw poll at the last meeting: 16 AUL position, 6 Department Chair model, 1 abstention. There was a discussion of the “Chair” model in light of the notes from last meeting regarding what NBLF members need in an NBL leader. List of needs generated from librarians on Sept. 21 was distributed and discussed. Suggestions were made to add some things to this Sept. 21 list and revise others:

It was decided by the group not to further discuss the “Faculty/Dept. Chair” scenario.
No correspondence has been received by JM from others in NBLF about the matter. The ideas from the discussion of the “Chair” have been incorporated into the new proposal brought to the group by Martin Kesselman. The main themes about the person/position generated by the group are:

Resolution to move forward with discussion of “AUL for Academic Research Services and New Brunswick Libraries”(Marty’s email Sept. 29)
-new line, new hire with national recruitment.

Discussion revolves around whether the position as written makes sense to NBLF members and what any issues might be. Details will be left out for now and there will be further discussion in forthcoming meetings of NBLF.

Comments from group about the proposal as written:

Consensus is that group likes the idea of AUL position as written with suggested changes and addition of fundraising and campus awareness of needed services. All technical services and access services functions will become centralized, as will the SCC. A certain percentage of SCC will go to support NB faculty initiatives and NB digital projects.

A small subgroup composed of Jackie, Jeris and Jane will write up a new description taking both special meetings’ discussions into account. This rewritten proposal will be sent out to NBLF for comments and then sent to Marianne. The group then suggests a special meeting with Marianne to discuss the proposal. Jackie will work on dates for that meeting and further discussion may follow at the regularly scheduled Nov. 18 meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Laura Bowering Mullen