New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
May 12, 2006
9:30 AM - 11:25 AM

S. Bartz, E. Calhoun, J. Cassel, H. Dess, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, S. Harrington, K. Hartman, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, T. Kuchi, M. Lo (recorder), J. Mardikian (chair), K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen, J. Niessen, F. Olin, P. Piermatti, F. Puniello, J. Shepard, J. Sloan, E. Stec, M. Wilson, R. Womack, C. Wu, Y. Zhang

Meeting Notes:

  1. Adoption of agenda:
    The item "Discuss NBL new organization, new AUL title, new name, new composition" was moved to the end of the agenda, right after the discussion of "Travel funds". The agenda was then adopted.

  2. Approval of the minutes:
    The minutes of March 10 and April 11 meetings were approved.

  3. Director's Report:
    Puniello thanked Mardikian for her leadership with the NBLF meetings.

    10% cut of our state budget would still be the scenario. Due to severe budget cuts, science branches will be closed early on the weekdays. Office supplies should be ordered from this year's budget as much as possible.

    Puniello expressed her concerns about the library's role in transforming undergraduate education. She would discuss with Steve Lawson about how the Libraries can work with the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates. Despite the gloomy budget news, the University would move forward with the undergraduate transformation.

  4. Discuss NB ISG issues:
    Cassel led the discussion on two areas related to NB ISG. One was the structure of the group. Another one was the issue of providing ongoing support to web projects such as Reference Statistics, Common Knowledge Database and Online Directory.

    The NBLF have agreed that we will discuss the composition of an Information Services Steering Group. But, since Puniello needs guidance on budget issues, it was agreed that she should select a representative group of NBL librarians for this immediate need. Some librarians believed that some issues cannot be discussed at the NBLF meetings. The entire group of NBLF only meets once every two months. There is a lack of continuity. Some librarians also proposed that the new group should be set up as representative governance.

    Other suggestions include having reference team leaders in this new group. The new group should have better communication with other committees and units such as Access Services. Considering the cut with voucher budget, we need to have a plan with information services. Certain utilities such as collecting reference and instructions statistics should be carried out system-wide. The new group is expected to address all these issues.

  5. NBL Exploratory Committee:
    Cassel reported that the NBL Exploratory Committee had reviewed the positions of Instructional Technology Librarian and Social Sciences Data Librarian. The committee has also looked at the priorities of the following positions: Education Librarian, Instructional Coordinator, Digital Initiatives Librarian and Performing Arts Librarian. Some librarians suggested changing the name of Instructor Coordinator to Undergraduate Initiatives Librarian because the focus of instruction is on undergraduates. A close-look at the positions will be needed due to budget changes and our libraries' reorganization.

  6. Travel Funds:
    Kesselman and Mardikian reported that only $323 was left in the travel fund. They have met with Charlene on a regular basis to allocate the money. The current guideline is to allocate up to $200 for tenured members and up to $400 for non-tenured members who from next year's budget to attend ALA meetings.

    Planning and Coordinating Committee is investigating the travel funds for the entire RUL. As budget is tightened, it was asserted that non-tenured librarians, in particular, require travel funds to support professional involvement in moving towards tenure.

  7. Discuss NBL new organization, new AUL title, new name and new composition:
    Puniello left the room at 10:15 am.

    The members of NBLF discussed various issues and options pertaining to the new organization.

    The members of NBLF unanimously voted to retain our current name until the new AUL for Instruction and Research Services is in place.

    The members of NBLF also agreed that the new AUL for Instruction and Research Services is such an important position that it should be filled as priority 1.

    Mardikian will send an email to Marianne Gaunt. A draft of that email will be sent to all the NBLF.

    It was also decided that for future NBLF meetings, a faculty caucus would be in place before the director attends our meeting. The NBLF meetings will be changed from once every two months to once a month. There will also be a meeting in June. Bylaws will need to be changed as well.

  8. Announcements, updates:
    Tenured faculty will stay for their meeting.

  9. Adjournment:
    The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 am.

    Respectfully submitted by Mei Ling Lo.