New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting

Minutes, November 9, 2007


Present: S. Bartz (recorder), J. Cassel, C. Caviness, K. Denda, H. Dess, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, T. Glynn, S. Harrington, K. Hartman, T. Izbicki, M. Kesselman, M. Lo, L. Mullen, J. Niessen, P. Piermatti, J. Sloan, M. Wilson, R. Womack (chair)


1.      Adoption of agenda

The agenda was adopted without amendment.


2.      Discussion of distribution of minutes

Two questions regarding the content and distribution of NBLF minutes were raised:


What types of personnel related discussions, if any, should be included in minutes?

The agreed upon consensus was that general discussions about lines and related issues should appear in minutes, but anything that relates to a specific person, even if that person is not named, should be omitted.


Should minutes (and agendas) be distributed to RUL_everyone?

There was some discussion of the pros and cons of more widely disseminating the minutes from NBLF meetings. There have been periods when they were shared with other faculty on the New Brunswick campuses, but the policy has not been consistent over time. A poll of the group showed that the majority were in favor of posting both minutes and agendas to RUL_everyone, and this was accepted as the new standard.


Note: The NBLF Bylaws state that “The agenda is distributed in advance via email; a courtesy copy is emailed to other librarians in New Brunswick who have indicated a desire to receive them and who are not a part of the New Brunswick Libraries Faculty.”


3.      NBL website and related communication issues

The role of the NBL website in the new organizational structure is unclear. NBL is no longer the unit that it was when the site was established. Access Services is already moving content to the RU Libraries site and Distributed Technical Services is looking at options. Content and functionality will need to be maintained, but there are several options to consider. The three basic options are to establish an NBLF section of the RU Libraries site, create a Sakai site, or keep the site in the current form.


After some initial discussion, the decision was made to begin by reviewing the individual parts of the site to determine what should be maintained and what is no longer needed. The unique resources on the site were considered first:


Reference hours for all NB libraries – Reference hours are also collected and posted on the RU Libraries site, but that version does not include the same detail as the NBL version.

Instruction Repository – The repository has been broken since the change to Cold Fusion 7 and a Sakai version of the resource has been established. The original site will be kept for now but is slated for retirement.

Instruction Statistics – The site is functioning and being used and will continue in its current form for now.

Reference Statistics – The site is functioning and being used and will continue in its current form for now.

As the NBL representative to Public Services Council, Tom Glynn will collect information on how NBL collects reference and instruction statistics and draft a document recommending standardization across the RU Libraries. The document will be reviewed by NBL before being passed on to PSC.

NBL Directory – The directory, which provides building diagrams, has not been updated since it was created in 2004, but many still find it useful.

Selectors Database – Though originally set up for a weeding project, the database still provides useful information. The resource is functioning and attempts are being made to keep it updated.

CKDB – The database is functioning and still being used. New items are being added and revisions to existing entries are being made.


Further discussion of website content and disposition will take place at a future meeting.


4.      Approval of minutes of the September and October meetings

Minutes from the last two meetings will be edited to remove personnel related information and will be distributed to NBLF for review and approval before further dissemination.


5.      Follow-up on faculty lines

Instructional Technology Librarian – No update.

Business Librarian – The position has been posted and the deadline for applications is in early February. Triveni Kuchi is chairing the search committee.

Physical Sciences Librarian – The position description drafted by the science librarians and reviewed by the Exploratory Committee was distributed for comment. The description was endorsed with four recommendations for amendment:


Include language specifying involvement in general reference and instruction;

Include language specifying contribution to the Libraries digital initiatives;

Expand qualifications to allow for a Master’s degree from an ALA-accredited institution or the equivalent;

Recommend removal of the statement regarding eligibility to work in the U.S.


Recruitment should go beyond ALA and be sent to library school deans and/or SLA.


Procedural issues regarding the Exploratory Committee, drafting new positions, and related issues will be discussed at a later date.


6.      Open discussion on future agenda items

In addition to the issues that were raised during the discussion of earlier agenda items, two suggestions for future topics were made:


a.       The Middle States draft report has been disseminated and includes several sections that relate to the Libraries. There is an open comment period. Sara will lead a discussion with the intent to provide feedback on the report as it relates to the Libraries.

b.      The SAS core curriculum is under discussion and a report will be issued. NBLF should review the report when it becomes available.


7.      Travel Report (Marty Kesselman and Jane Sloan)

There has been a good response to Marty’s request for information on faculty travel plans, but a full accounting is needed by December. More than half of New Brunswick’s travel funds are already gone. Jane and Marty will give an updated report at the next meeting.


8.      NBLF Chair report (Ryan Womack)

No report. Information on topics to be discussed at future meetings was provided in the course of other discussions.


9.      NBISG report (Tom Glynn)

The Steering Group has begun a discussion of workload issues, focusing first on workload as it relates to instruction. Suggestions for other topics for ISSG are welcome.

In the future, NBLF meetings should include database demonstrations or other short presentations to inform the group. Tom and Jim will begin with a demo of the ABC-CLIO databases via EBSCO.


10.  Announcements

The Fordham Lab at Douglass is expected to open in late January. Discussions are still underway about what services will be provided. The facility will be managed by librarians, at least initially. Staffing issues are still being worked out. Anyone interested in being involved is welcome.


The lab has 12 computers, all Macintosh, but with dual boot capabilities. 10 of the machines have basic multimedia software plus additional software for intermediate users, including the entire Adobe suite. The 2 remaining machines  have professional level audio and video editing capabilities.


A representative from Sage will be visiting the libraries on Thursday, November 15. Selectors are encouraged to attend the meeting.





11/9/2007sb, revised 11/12/2007