New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the October 5, 2012 Meeting

Bartz, Calhoun, Denda, Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, Hartman, Just, Kesselman, Lo, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Mullen, Niessen, Schulman, Sloan, Springs, Womack, Wu; Izbicki (guest for discussion of Music/PA position)

1. The agenda was approved as distributed

2. Minutes of the September 7, 2012 meeting were approved with just a minor correction

3. Report of the NBLF Chair: J. Mardikian.

a. We still do not have our 2012/13 travel budget but expect it will be approximately the same as last year. Everyone responded to the call for travel projections, and with $500 allocation to tenured and $1200 to non-tenured, Mardikian and Wu estimate an approximate $1000 shortfall, but that may alter as travel plans change. ALA Midwinter travel will come out of 2012/13 funds, but ALA Annual travel in June will come out of 2013/2014 funding.

b. Last year NBL did not fill in the action grid, since we felt that the NBLF functions more as a communication forum, and the grid is filled out by NBCG and NBISG as our functional groups. The same will be done this year.

4. AUL-RIS Report: M. Just.

a. Gaunt is trying to get RU's new President Barchi to come to the Libraries, possibly for the State of the Libraries, November 28.

b. The job descriptions for the Instructional Design and the Chemistry/Physics Librarian positions went to Planning and Coordinating Committee where minor revisions were made, and HR is now working on updating the Library Profile section of the position descriptions; they can then move forward, quickly hopefully. [The Facts and Figures section of the Libraries web page that needed updating has now been revised.]

c. Wu Ningfen, visiting librarian from China, should be arriving October 8; a reception will be held for her Wednesday, October 10, 10:00 a.m. in the ALEX Commons area.

d. M. Just and T. Purger will continue discussions about the Unit Computing Specialists this year and are gathering data. The vacant position at Kilmer will be filled per the existing description.

e. Regarding the UMDNJ merger: Marianne is meeting weekly on the topic. The Services subteam has convened with J. Mardikian, J. Gardner, and Keir Reavie also sitting on it. Gaunt and J. Cohn have given the team a list of objectives regarding what key things must be in place on Day 1, July 1, 2013 and the team needs to identify those things that can happen later. The Services team will also need to coordinate with other teams. Topics to be discussed include:

i. Circulation policies and procedures and library catalog, reserves, ILL; they will try to align these systemwide; will be looking at adding new intra- library delivery points, and at external agreements and relations with VALE, Camden, NJIT.

ii. Reference services

iii. Data services

iv. Link resolver. UMD has SFX, while RUL has Ebsco. Will determine what is best regardless of cost; need to look at holistically.

v. Info Technology software: what does each system now use to deliver services and what should we use

vi. Instruction and information literacy

vii. Website (ties in with IT and Communications sub teams also)

viii. Public computing policies

ix. Imaging services

f. The Services sub team will not make decisions on all these issues by themselves but will bring in groups, especially for Circulation/Reserves/ILL, Reference and Instruction, and a team that cuts across areas. Melissa will be asking for volunteers; reporting will go out each week to a larger group. In response to a question, Melissa said that RUcore is not being covered within the Services piece. The status of faculties, unions, etc. is outside the Libraries. As far as technical services are concerned, opinion was shared that it will be important that the Libraries speak with one voice.

5. Music/Performing Arts Librarian:

(T. Izbicki joined the NBLF discussion here). Just reported that Gaunt has spoken to George Stauffer, Dean of Mason Gross School, already and we will have someone from MGS on the search committee. The University has already granted us permission to fill the position with the departure of M. Oswell. Discussion of the position ensued; we will probably not change the position description, but the position needs to be fully integrated with the performing arts. There may be less need for someone with the PhD in music now and more need for someone knowledgeable with performance in the arts. Few MGS graduates will be able to obtain full time jobs in music; they need to know the broader aspects of the music/performing arts fields. The candidate should also be prepared to work with MGS's increasing online education component, and will need to reach out to the Theater Department.

6. Vacation accrual update:

M. Just discussed the need for librarians to use up accrued vacation days by June 30, 2013 with M. Gaunt. The date is firm since the University has already extended the Libraries' time by one year. Just pleaded that those who have significant accrued time and who intend to use that as vacation time not wait until the end of spring semester to use the accumulated days. Discussion ensued regarding the accumulation of extensive vacation time and various complexities.

7. Announcements:

a. Kesselman attended an excellent conference sponsored by the Gates Foundation and came away with three comments:

i. Always be willing to make new mistakes

ii. Collaboration is key to success

iii. Retirement doesn't change who you are; there is life after

b. J. Gardner announced that there is a new Library Associate II at Douglass, Devin Gingery. Jill Locasio's position at Kilmer is about to be posted, and Charlie Weniger's position posting is also pending.

c. Mullen observed that the Open Access policy is moving forwarding. Open Access Week programming is being scheduled, with a program planned for the afternoon of Tuesday, October 23. There will be a showcase following, and other things are also being planned.

d. R. Gardner announced that the first SAPAC brown bag is scheduled for Wednesday, October 24; Janice Pilch will present on digital projects.

e. J. Mardikian said that she and M. Just are considering a discussion of planning for future positions as a forthcoming agenda item.

The meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m..

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