New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the March 1, 2013 Meeting

M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, M. Gasparotto, T. Glynn, K. Hartman, T. Izbicki, M. Just, M. Kesselman, T. Kucki, M. Lo, J. Mardikian (chair), L. Mullen, J. Nathanson, J. Niessen, J. Sloan (recorder), R. Womack, C. Wu, T. Yang

1. Approval of agenda and minutes

Agenda and Minutes of Feb. 1 meeting approved.

2. Chair report

Regarding upcoming elections for NBLF offices, Jackie suggested that all faculty, not just tenured faculty, be eligible for faculty officers. Group agreed that the sub-chairs were the only appropriate positions available to non-tenured faculty; by-laws state that other offices are to be filled by ‘tenured members’. She also urged everyone to get their travel requests and receipts to Charlene as soon as possible – even for travel completed earlier in the year. Remember that per diem meals do not require receipts.

3. AUL RIS report

Integration going much smoother now that there is an oversight team. The RFP for the Discovery layer is out and the decision to purchase will be made by May 2. Everyone should block out time between April 15 and May 1 to study the products and comment. The discovery layer and link resolver will likely be the product of the same vendor as each requires a knowledge base unique to a vendor and we don’t want to maintain two knowledge bases.

All NBL faculty searches are posted and in progress. Rutgers joined Coursera along with 28 other institutions; Rutgers will initially offer three courses.

4. Future RIS librarian roles

Discussion originally described in the Agenda as “Please come prepared with job description ideas and new skills that will be required in the future. If possible, investigate innovative positions you have found and talk to the ones holding them. Also start thinking out-of-the-box for ways we can work as liaisons in a team-based environment. Think of new models to support research services and student learning. The Planning and Coordinating Committee has started a similar discussion.” Melissa organized this general discussion around two priorities : the two positions that are vacant right now, Humanities Librarian and SCI Librarian; and areas for future development.

Parts of these two positions have already been attached to other librarians: Gay studies, Journalism and Media, Information Science. Melissa suggested that language skills may be best handled in a team environment, rather than focused on as the main component of a particular position. There was general agreement on a functional approach to our position descriptions; one that preferred (instead of required) language and subject expertise we might lack at the time, perhaps assigned according to expertise and interest. There is a growing tendency in academia to organize around multidisciplinary activities that we would like to embrace. We will have a future meeting dedicated to how we can move to team based action through shared funds and other practical methods.

In conclusion, group agreed to pursue positions titled Humanities Digital Librarian, as there is nothing like that in NBLF right now, and Undergraduate Experience Librarian responsible for the SCI Communnications program, McNair, Aresty, etc.

Looking ahead these positions were suggested: Graduate Experience, Distance Education, GIS/Map, second Engineering. Question: should we focus on departments because of their size, the funding they provide, the number of faculty, or?

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