(Revised 2/15/2000)
Date:  January 21, 2000

Attendees: Ryan Womack, Jackie Mardikian, Ellen Gilbert, Pat Piermatti,
Ryoko Toyama, Howard Dess, Jeris Cassel, Scott Hines, Penny Page, Farideh
Tehrani, Connie Wu, Kevin Mulcahy, Mary Fetzer (Chair), Lourdes Vazquez,
Martin Kesselman, Jane Sloan, Brian Hancock, Ilona Caparros, Francoise
Puniello, Linda Landgshied, Rebecca Gardner, Myoung Wilson, Stephanie Bartz,
Ron Jantz, Thelma Tate


1. A committee to investigate program ideas for an NBL faculty retreat is
formed, with Howard Dess, Lourdes Vazquez, Martin Kesselman, and Jeris
Cassel, who will solicit ideas and offer a proposed program.

2. Learning Links demo will be moved to item #1 on next meeting's agenda.


Minutes of our previous meeting, November 19 were distributed previously and
are also available in draft form at The minutes of
the November 19th, 1999 meeting are approved.

The minutes and other NBL documents, including an NBL faculty Functional
Groups chart with contact information, are being posted on the NBL web site
created by Scott Hines and Uma Swamy. The URL is and can be accessed simply by entering nbl into your
browser's URL/location box.

Question from the Chair:
Should we ask R.Toyama for money to hold a faculty retreat for re-evaluation
of where we are and where we're going as New Brunswick Libraries? Though
some in the group expressed the opinion that retreats are not worthwhile,
the general consensus was that we should have one if a suitable program can
be devised. A committee to investigate program ideas for an NBL faculty
retreat was formed, with membership consisting of Howard Dess, Lourdes
Vazquez, Martin Kesselman, and Jeris Cassel, who will solicit ideas and offer a
proposed program.

Directors' reports:
F. Puniello sends thanks to all who looked over resumes at ALA. Comments
were made concerning the fact that there are few candidates coming forward,
and that maybe we should be more flexible in our requirements, especially in
the 3-year experience rule, since we have many tenured librarians who did
not have that experience when they were hired and they turned out to be
excellent. We might also look at trying to develop and retain Librarian Vs,
moving them into tenure track positions.

The D21 Committee is making progress, with the latest development being a
January 20th meeting with the architect consultant who presented a general
feasibility assessment and will work next on a cost assessment. F. Puniello
sent out a memo on capital funds plans, with a significant highlight being
the work on the Annex to effectively double the shelf space available there.
Other projects are also planned, with any leftover money going to fund D21.
R. Toyama pointed out that D21 is not simply a Douglass project, but is a
NB-wide Initiative. She also distributed a document outlining the charge to
a committee to look at a NB-wide vision for the Kilmer library in the 21st

Reorganization of Media Services and SCC into Multimedia and Digital Library
J. Sloan presented a White Paper and an organization chart outlining the
merger of the SCC and Media Services. She pointed out that the SCC has
accomplished quite a lot without continuity in permanent staff and without a
permanent budget. But the need for integration of the SCC into the NB
planning and staffing structure as well as its role in providing multimedia
services for the future suggested the merger. The merged unit will operate
under the direction of the head of Multimedia and Digital Library Services
(MDLS) with input from the Multimedia and Digital Library Services Planning
Team (formerly the SCC planning team). The MDLS Planning Team will include
librarians from across NBL and will seek to make the SCC a truly NB-wide
resource. The MDLS Planning Team will prioritize projects and make judgments
about how best to use the resources of the SCC to further the goals of NBL.
Projects initiated by NB librarians would be presented to the MDLS Planning
Team to be included in the existing project stream at
the SCC. A high-level staff member with responsibility for day-to-day
project management in the SCC will be hired and will report to the Head of
MDLS, and two staff lines focusing on technology support and development
will be transferred from information services to MDLS.

Discussion (initially set at one hour, with one time extension to 11:30) of
the merger in terms of how the merger would affect librarians present at the
discussion included several major strands:

1. A general acknowledgement that the merger would be good for NBL.

2. Some concern that the process of planning and implementing the merger was
accomplished without adequate communication and consultation with the NB

3. A general desire that needs of NB librarians related to resources of the
SCC will not be forgotten. In particular, needs for support of instructional
technology development, support for use of electronic classrooms and general
support of technology use by librarians should not be overlooked. M.
Kesselman offered that the Technology Team continues its focus on
programmatic support for NBL, such as in the area of instructional
technology. J. Sloan and R. Toyama offered that we should develop a better
structure for general technical support that supplements the efforts of the
RUL systems department and that we can also learn better to share and
develop technical skills and knowledge so that each of us is capable of
doing more in the technical realm.

4. A specific concern on the part of some LSM-based librarians that the
services of the sytems support specialist hired by LSM librarians would be
lost. That staff person now provides CD-ROM workstation and general
application and development support to LSM librarians and staff and to other
librarians and staff throughout NBL. A. Tallau circulated (in absentia) a
memo outlining some of these concerns. H. Dess and C. Wu recommended that
this staff person continue to be physically based at LSM.

5. J. Sloan commented in conclusion that an improved managerial structure in
the SCC and broad representation of NB librarians on the MDLS planning team
will result in a stronger NBL and a stronger SCC.

Other business:

Because of technical difficulties and lack of time, the demonstration of
Learning Links will be moved to item #1 on next meeting's agenda.

H. Dess reported that the Collections functional group is nearing completion
of its work on the state and non-state fund allocations -- there is money
available, and final calculations will soon be forthcoming.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Recorder: Scott Hines