LibQUAL+ Executive Summary
Spring 2005

RUL was one of 255 libraries internationally to participate in LibQUAL+, which measures service quality including affect of service, information control, and library as place as well as general satisfaction.

Affect of Service -- direct service quality

  • Our overall strengths fall in this category.
  • Our users value, desire and expect the library staff to exhibit courteous behavior and readily respond to their questions.
  • Users rated employees who are consistently courteous as the most desirable attribute in this area.

Information Control -- finding information independently

  • This category is rated highest overall in importance to users.
  • Rated lowest overall in performance.
  • All users perceive that the library does not have adequate print and electronic resources required for their work.

Library as Place -- physical library environment

  • Undergraduate and graduate students want quiet, comfortable spaces for studying and research
  • Students consider this category more important than faculty and staff.
  • This category ranked lowest overall in what our users desired.

General Satisfaction with Library Services

  • Faculty expressed the greatest satisfaction with our overall services.
  • Graduate students were the least satisfied group.

Information Literacy Outcomes

  • Students learn how to seek and assess information effectively.
  • The library facilitates faculty efficiencies in their information needs.

Frequency of Library Use

Over 69% of all respondent use the library in person or electronically.
Over 89% of all respondents use the Internet to find information.

Quick Snapshot of Findings

The top five most important areas for our users are:

  • Making electronic resources available from my home or office
  • Print and/or electronic journal collections I require for my work
  • The electronic information resources I need
  • A library web-site enabling me to locate information on my own
  • Easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own

The top five things we do best are:

  • Employees who instill confidence in users
  • Librarians providing help that assists in finding information now while improving my research skills
  • Giving users individual attention
  • Employees who deal with users in a caring fashion
  • Willingness to help users

The top five weakest areas are:

  • Print or electronic journal collections I need for my work
  • The printed library materials I need for my work
  • A library web-site enabling me to locate information on my own
  • Easy to use access tools that allow me to find things on my own
  • The electronic information resources I need