Public Services Administrative Memo #7
Intra-Library Loan Policy: Lending

June 3, 1986

TO:       Librarian's Cabinet
          Public Services Council

FROM:     Evelyn Greenberg
          Assistant University Librarian
            for Public Services

I. General Goal:

Intra-Library Loan Service and the Book Express attempt to maximize access to Rutgers University Libraries materials, regardless of campus location.

II. Eligible Borrowers:

A. Intra-Library Loan privileges are extended to Rutgers University Primary Borrowers as defined in Circulation Policy Memo #2. In addition, alumni borrowers may utilize Intra-Library Loan between campuses.

B. Intra-Library Loan privileges are not extended to Non-Rutgers borrowers as defined in circulation Policy Memo #2.

III. Types of Material:

A. Materials eligible for Intra-Library Loan Lending

1. Materials not owned at the Requesting Unit Library, or with the status: missing, in- process or charged out.

2. An item on Reserve or Reference at the Library of the user, but which is in the Circulating collection of another library.

B. Non-circulating material will normally not be available for Intra-Library Loan lending, except for reserve purposes. In special cases, these may be requested from libraries on a different geographical campus. In this case the owning library should consider a short loan period where materials can be made available. These materials will be non- circulating at the borrowing library.

IV. Service Expectations, Etc.

A. Requests among Alex, LSM, Douglass and Kilmer are handled by Book Express. Normally delivery or an answer is furnished in 24 hours (expect Saturday and some Holiday/Intersession periods).

B. Intra-Library Loan requests to/from other New Brunswick/Piscataway libraries should be responded to in two working days.

C. Requests to Camden/Newark from New Brunswick/Piscataway should be responded to within two working days. The telephone should be used whenever possible, at prearranged times, to expedite this process.

D. Requests from Newark/Camden to New Brunswick/Piscataway will be handled by Book Express whenever possible. Non-Book Express libraries should respond as promptly as possible.

E. Requests between Camden and Newark should be responded to within two working days. The telephone should be used whenever possible, at prearranged times, to expedite this process.

F. Items not located by Book Express that are requested for further search by the patron are submitted as missing to the owning library. Where the patron does not request a search, in an effort to provide better collection management, each library will make an effort to send Book Express forms for material not located, or a photocopy of those forms, to the owning library


Approved: Librarian's Cabinet 6/2/86

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