Process for Developing Online Surveys using phpESP - php Easy Survey Package

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What is phpESP?

phpESP is a online survey support application that allows the rapid deployment of an online survey. The survey can be created, modified, tested, and activated by the survey creator. It can support large surveys (100 questions) and large respondent groups (4,000+) without a problem. The collected data can be viewed online in various simple cross-analysis and cross-tabulations. For more advanced analysis the data can be downloaded as a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) and imported into Excel or Access.

Process for Developing a Survey

1. Secure approval for campuswide and systemwide surveys

Approval for a campuswide survey needs to be secured from the appropriate campus director and for systemwide surveys from the appropriate associate university librarian and council.

2. Let the webmaster know you are designing a survey

The webmaster will want to know:

3. Designing your survey

Design your survey using Word or another text program. Please read the section 'Survey Question Types' and 'Survey Limitations' below.

4. Creating your survey

Please leave enough time so that the survey can be created and demonstrated after creation and before deployment.

Contact the webmaster and set up an appointment to configure and create your survey.

In preparation, please have prepared in advance:

The webmaster will help you program your survey questions into phpESP.

4. Testing and tweaking your survey

The webmaster will show you how to demonstrate, test, and modify your survey in advance of its activation.

5. Activating your survey

The survey can easily be activated through the survey management menus, but, it probably will need to be coordinated with links from other pages. You can set up a plan with the webmaster, communications coordinator, and others to launch the survey. Note: A survey can be toggled from test mode to development mode, but after a survey has been activated, it cannot be changed.

6. Concluding your survey

The survey can easily be ended through the survey management menus. Like activation, however, some coordination may be necessary to remove links to it.

After the survey has concluded, the cross-analysis and cross-tabulation tools can be used for review. If more analysis is needed, the results can be downloaded as a CSV files and imported into other tools.

Survey question types

Survey limitations

Help designing surveys

Questionnaires & Survey Design by StatPac Inc.
- 20 pages. Simple and direct. A chapter from their acclaimed Survival Statistics book.

More information

The source pages for phpESP can be found at:
Sourceforge page []
Sourceforge Project Page [].

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