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Style Sheet

The Libraries follow style guidelines set by the university for print and electronic publications and other communications. The Office of University Relations maintains the Rutgers Editorial Style Guide for Print Materials. This guides covers the following topics:

The following points are of special importance to Libraries publications:

1. Name: The proper name of the library system at Rutgers is: Rutgers University Libraries. All words are capitalized. The proper name must be used the first time the name of the system appears in the text. Subsequent references may use Libraries (capitalized). RUL is never used in publications, on the Libraries web site, or in other formal communications.

2. Verb Agreement: Rutgers University Libraries and Libraries should be treated as plural nouns. Ex: The Rutgers University Libraries are comprised of nineteen libraries on the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses. The Libraries hold over three million volumes.

Last updated: February 3, 2006; April 2, 2007; May 2009; December 15, 2009 (URL to syle guide updated)
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