Strategic Directions for Diversity: a brief for the RUL Strategic Planning Committee

"Diversity is an integral component of human experience, and encompasses but is not limited to issues of race, ethnicity, culture, social class, national origin, gender, age, religious beliefs, sexual orientation mental ability, and physical ability.
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey embodies the ideals of diversity and demonstrates exemplary leadership in its abiding commitment to excellence and equity in the pursuit of new knowledge and exchange of ideas."
--- RU Diversity @ Rutgers Mission & Advancement of Common Purposes

"The overall goal of the library diversity program is to assure that all library personnel and library users feel welcomed, valued, and respected and to assure that library personnel, services and collections appropriately reflect the diversity of Rutgers community and its curriculum and research interests."
--- RUL Advisory Committee on Diversity - Charge

The issue of Diversity is central to User services, Human Resources and Collection Development activities of the libraries and will continue to be even more so in the next 5 years. We value our differences and would like to be responsive and competent at all these levels. We would like to achieve this by offering culturally relevant and proficient programs and services to our users, employees and other stakeholders. Given the population distribution of New Jersey and Rutgers University Students, Faculty and staff, we are already in a unique position to make this RUL's vantage point or competitive advantage.

In accordance to its charge, the RUL Advisory Committee on Diversity has been working towards the broader issues of access, inclusion, diversity and cultural competence through programs such as the RUL/SCILS joint partnership to recruit Diversity Interns, multicultural programs to raise awareness amongst library employees of different cultures, and so on. Recently, the University Librarian appointed task force on faculty diversity presented its report and recommendations on increasing library faculty diversity. Further, the advisory committee on Diversity has also been involved with activities at the ALA Office of Diversity and makes presentations regularly at the ALA diversity Fair.

Overall Diversity Strategy

To continue with the efforts of developing a climate that cultivates and values diversity in line with the mission of Rutgers University Libraries and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Strategic Initiatives

Respectfully submitted,

Triveni Kuchi
(Interim Chair)
December 20, 2004

On behalf of the RUL Advisory Committee on Diversity
Thelma Tate (Chair); Myriam Alami; Bonita Grant; Eugene McElroy; Nita Mukherjee; Ramon Negron; Wen- Hua Ren; Charlotte Toke; Sandy Troy; Lourdes Vazquez; Connie Wu.

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