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Desktop Backup

Desktop Backup Service and Schedule

One of the IIS annual goals, in coordination with the PCWG, was to implement automated backup for all faculty and staff desktops in the Libraries. This backup service is designed to protect work-related data, minimize the risk of data loss, and ensure that data can be recovered in the event of equipment failure, data corruption, or unintended deletion.

Data will be backed up from the desktops to a designated shared network drive on the local servers and will be replicated to our two central backup devices at TAS and Alexander respectively. This backup service applies to all RUL faculty and staff desktops maintained and supported by IIS. It does not apply to public workstations since that category of computers is covered by a different setup and recovery procedure.

Symantec backup clients will be installed remotely from TAS Central Backup Server. The installation will not require either the presence of the user or local intervention by UCS/IIS staff. The backup process will launch automatically on schedule and will run in the background and transparent to users.

Schedule of Backup client install and backup operation:

  1. Symantec backup client will be installed remotely to all staff PC on [dates will vary by libraries]; once it is installed, you will see "Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent" in your Programs' list of software installed and a small yellow icon of 2 desktops will appear in the system tray of your windows screen.
  2. Desktop backup will first start on [dates will vary by libraries] while backup program continues to backup your files; this process may take few hours depending on the file sizes.

What will be backed up?

By University and Libraries policies, desktops should contain work-related data and programs only. "My Documents" folder will be backed up, including Firefox bookmarks, IE favorites, desktop icons and shortcuts, Thunderbird and Outlook profile settings, address books, Sirsi preferences and settings. Files in other folders in the C: drive are not included in this backup.

Data that will not be backed up include the following but not limited to:

How to prepare and what to expect?

Review your "My Documents" files and make sure relevant work-related files are saved here; other folders in the C: drive will not be included in this backup. Please clean up your C: drive and delete any old unnecessary and duplicate files.

Desktop backup works in the background. The backup process should be transparent. However during the initial full backup, you might notice a slight PC slow down depending on the file sizes. This is normal since the backup agent will try to backup all files. Thereafter, it will only backup incrementally any new and revised files. If you need to turn off your PC and backup is not completed, it will continue the backup process on the next login.

How to report problems during client installation and regular backup?

If you notice any pop-up messages or PC slow down, please send e-mail to for prompt attention.

Please let me know if you have any questions or you can call IIS at 732-445-5896.

Thank you very much for your continued cooperation.

Last updated: December 1, 2011
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