By Ka-Neng Au

Webmail Tools: E-Mail Forwarding on Andromeda

Setting Up E-Mail Forwarding

This feature is available to users who prefer to have copies of incoming e-mail forwarded to another account or, who choose to access another e-mail address instead of their Rutgers account. While it is recommended that users access their Rutgers e-mail, it is possible to automatically forward messages received on this account to another. During this time, all e-mail received on your Rutgers account will be sent to an address designated by you.

Activating E-Mail Forwarding

  1. Go to Newark Computing Services: Web Tools:
  1. Click Forward Email To A Different Account
  1. Enter the user name (NetID) and password from your andromeda e-mail account in the User name and Password login boxes, and then click OK.
  1. The next screen that appears shows a simple form with a field for entering the e-mail address to which you would like your messages forwarded. In the space provided, type the complete forwarding address, being sure to double check the spelling to ensure proper delivery.
    If you choose, you can also have a copy of each forwarded e-mail saved to your Rutgers e-mail account by clicking the "Copy to my local account" checkbox. If this option is not selected, messages will simply be delivered to the designated e-mail address, and no duplicate e-mail will be saved to your Rutgers account.
  1. When you are finished, simply click the Add button. You will receive confirmation that your e-mail forwarding setup has been successfully completed.

Deactivating E-Mail Forwarding

  1. If you choose to deactivate e-mail forwarding, follow steps 1 to 4 above.
  1. In the Forwarding Addresses section, click the checkbox next to the email address you no longer want and click the Delete button. You will receive confirmation that your e-mail forwarding has been disabled.

Last updated: January 24, 2005
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