By Stephanie Bartz

Webmail Tools: Quota on RCI

Checking Your Quota

All RCI accounts have a 100MB allotment of space on the server. If you keep a large number of folders and messages on the server (including web pages in your public_html directory), you should make it a habit to check your quota on a regular basis. Once you reach 92% of your quota, you may begin to notice odd behaviors in your email (e.g., folders disappearing or messages not displaying correctly), particularly when using Netscape mail. Things should be a bit more stable if you read mail through SSH/Pine.

Viewing Quota Output

  1. Go to the following URL:
  1. Under Account/File Tools, click on the Quota link.
  1. Enter the user name (NetID) and password from your RCI e-mail account in the login box, and then press OK.
  1. The next screen that appears will show your Quota output.

    If your quota is 102400 and the number in your usage column is 92000 or greater, you should delete some messages and clean up your email. Remember that messages with large attachments will take up considerably more space than messages without attachments. PDF attachments or attachments that include images are generally much larger than the average text (i.e., Word or WordPerfect) document.

    Note: You can also see your quota when you use the web-based email system, SquirrelMail. When using that system your quota is always displayed in the upper left corner of the browser window.

    Note: You can also view your quota via the SSH Secure Shell mail client or other Unix based mail client. At the first prompt after login type quota -v.

Last updated: January 14, 2005
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