By Andrew Ruggerio

Configuring Junk Mail Controls in Thunderbird

Thunderbird's Junk Mail Controls are designed to evaluate incoming mail and identify messages that are likely to be junk or spam. Once enabled, these controls complement the RCI spam filter to provide an increased level of spam filtering.

1. Using your mouse, navigate to Tools > Junk Mail Controls in the Thunderbird menu.

2. The Junk Mail Controls utility window will appear with a variety of options, some of which you need to address:

3. Next, click the second tab in the Junk Mail Controls utility box, Adaptive Filter.

4. Click OK and you are done configuring Junk Mail Controls.

5. To train the junk mail controls, you need to mark messages that you've received as either "junk" or "not junk", and it's important that you mark both types of messages rather than simply the ones that are junk.

There are a several ways to mark messages as junk so that they move automatically into the folder you designated:

To mark a message as not junk so that Thunderbird learns to recognize messages that should not be treated as junk:

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Last updated: May 26, 2006
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