By Darryl Voorhees

Printing to Networked Printers

Using Networked Printing

Networked printing allows multiple computers to print to the same device and is often the preferred method for printing in an office setting. Some instances that call for use of network printing include: printing jobs that contain a large number of pages, printing from a PC that does not have its own printer, and utilizing a print option that is otherwise unavailable, (such as double sided printing). Double sided printing is encouraged as a resource saving practice.

A good general rule to follow would be to use a local printer only when you want to print a few pages at a time, in color, or confidential material. Large print jobs are more quickly, and in many ways more economically, handled through networked printing. As a final note, please don't use the printer as a copy machine. It's more economical to just use the copier when you need many copies of a document.

Setting a networked printer as your default printer

  1. In Explorer, go to My Computer > Control Panel > Printers.
  1. Highlight the printer that serves as your unit's network printer and right click your mouse. Select Set as Default Printer. If the networked printer for your unit is not included in the list of available printers please contact your local PC coordinator to have it installed.
  1. There will be a small checkmark next to the printer you have selected.

Printing to a networked printer

  1. From the toolbar at the top of your screen click File > Print. If your networked printer is not the default printer, you will need to select it from the pull down menu in the Print window.
  1. If your networked printer is capable of double sided printing or other advanced options you can choose them by clicking on the Properties button.
  1. Click OK and your print job will be sent to the networked printer.


  1. Sometimes it is useful to read the display screen on your networked printer. This screen will tell you if the printer is not online or if there is another problem such as a jam or an empty paper tray.
  1. When a print job is sent, a printer icon will appear in the bottom left of your screen. If you see a question mark on this icon then there is a problem with the connection to the printer.
  1. Click OK and your print job will be sent to the networked printer.

Last updated: January 14, 2005
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