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Rutgers University Libraries'
Videoconferencing Endpoints

LocationIP AddressDevice TypePrimary TechBackup Tech
CMD-Robeson Conference Room (Room 290) Team MP John Gibson   
New Brunswick / Piscataway
NBP-Alex-Pane Room C60Joe Abraham James Hartstein 
NBP-Alex-SCC Heyer Room165.230.139.132 Cicso SX80*James Hartstein Joe Abraham
NBP-Alex-SCC Lecture Hall Cisco C90 James Hartstein Joe Abraham
NBP-Alex-UL Conference Room Tandberg Edge 95 James HartsteinJoe Abraham 
NBP-Douglass-Conference Room Cisco SX20Andew Ruggerio Rich Sandler 
NBP-Kilmer-De Chavez Room Express Mary O'MaraNick Gonzaga
NBP-LSM-Special Collections Room 880 MXP Pamela Johnson  Mary O'Mara
NBP-TSB-Conference Room Cisco SX20 Nick GonzagaKim Kaiser
NBP-RWJ-Medical Edu Bldg Rm 101F SX20Nate RanaJoann Polgar
NWK-Dana-Special Collections Room HDX 7000Mark Papianni Chris Singh 
NWK-Smith-C916130.219.5.127Polycom HDX 7000Anna HuangTed Oblad

Use to call into the MCU conferences (via the VCS expressway) from external locations using H.323

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