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The Acquisitions Department is located at the Technical and Automated Services Building on the Busch Campus. The department is responsible for the order, receipt and copy cataloging of monographs. It also maintains standing orders for monoseries, two government packages and three approval plans.


Head of Technical Services Mary Beth Weber 848-445-0500
Head of Acquisitions
General acquisition procedures and questions
Megan O'Connor 848-445-5893
Recurring, Foreign Language/Special Orders Kati Ritter 848-445-5936
MyiLibrary e-book Orders Dominique Dixon 848-445-5945
Approval Plan - Worldwide Books, Latin American Bookstore Susan Killough 848-445-5937
Approval Plan - ProQuest Susan Killough 848-445-5937
Video Orders Geoff Wood 848-445-5791
Scores/CD Orders Catherine Sauceda 732-668-5640
Special Collections Orders Melissa De Fino 848-445-5881
East Asian Language Orders Li Sun 848-445-5942
E-books Team  
Media Ordering Team  
Serials Team  

How to order Books

  1. Check Library Catalog for duplication.
  2. Check OASIS for availability. If available, order through OASIS.
  3. If NOT in OASIS, use Monograph/Firm Order Request Form
         *For Special collections books that cannot be ordered in OASIS, email Melissa De Fino [].
         *For East Asian Language orders that cannot be ordered in OASIS, email Li Sun [].

Detailed instructions for Preparing Firm Orders

How to order E-books

  1. Check Library Catalog for duplication.
  2. Check OASIS for availability. If available, order through OASIS.
  3. If NOT in OASIS, email the E-books team at
         *To add free electronic holdings email Carla Zimmerman [].

Considerations when purchasing e-books

How to order Media & Music

The members of the department execute and distribute new media and score order requests and monitor them to completion.

To order musical scores, use Monograph/Firm Order Request Form or email Charlotte Toke [].

For all requests for new titles, trials, or to add electronic access, complete a Monograph/Firm Order Request Form and it will be forwarded to the group.

For other information about audio or video orders, you may email the Media Ordering Team at This includes orders for physical items (CD, LP, DVD, VHS) and media streaming rights (fixed term, perpetual), as well as cancellations and related fund issues.

How to order Serials

To order, email the Serials Team at Please see the Serials web page for more information.


Order types

Firm - One time order for a specific title

Approval - Contract between a vendor and a library to supply newly published material according to specific profile previously agreed upon. Coutts Ingram is the largest approval plan serving many unique libraries. Worldwide books and Latin American Bookstore covers Spanish language books. To review or change an approval profile, please contact Megan O'Connor [].

Recurring order - This one time order is set up with the vendor for a specific series for future publications that are most likely unpredictable in price and/or publication schedule and sequence. Each title is paid separately on its own order line as it is received from the publisher.

Acquisitions also handles two government packages, United Nations and World Bank. These packages include both serial and monograph type materials. As per agreement between the selector and vendor, each title in the specific publication category is sent as it published. For more information or to review either recurring orders or government packages, please contact Kati Ritter []


Claims: Purchase orders are claimed after 3 months and 6 months. Priority items can be claimed according to need.

Cancellations: Cancellation is automatic after a year if the order is not fulfilled. Selectors are notified by email if their order has been cancelled.


In order to replace a missing or damaged item using the replacement fund code, order must specify that it is a copy for replacement and if other formats, publication date or editions are acceptable.


The preferred method of ordering course reserves is through the reserves form.


For more information, contact Tao Yang[].


"Patron Request"

"Patron Request" (also called a Faculty Request):
A Patron/Faculty Request means the patron/faculty is requesting that this title is placed on hold for them. These items are flagged with a Patron Request slip and are sent to the receiving library to be put on hold for the patron. The patron will be notified that the item is on hold for them to pick up at a designated location.
***Any time we see the words patron request or faculty request, we will flag the item to be placed on hold.

How to place a Patron/Faculty Request:
Selector must provide us with the name and email address of the patron who requested the item be placed on hold for them and the pickup location. Please include a note with your order that reads: Patron Request: hold for Prof. Jane Doe-Annex,


"Notify" simply means we will notify the selector that the item has been received by the libraries, the item is not placed on hold, and the item is sent to stacks. The selector is responsible for forwarding the notice to others.

When the item is received in Acquisitions a notification notice is emailed to the selector with a note that indicates who the selector should notify.

How to place a NOTIFY only:
Please include a note with your order that reads:
Notify only: Jane Doe,

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