Handling CRIMJ Accession Numbers

From WARWICK Wed Jun 13 16:12:30 1990
Subject: Handling CRIMJ accession numbers

Ann and I met this morning to finalize the suggested placement of the Criminal Justice accession number in the Geac record.

[NOTE: It was not our decision to house and display the accession number. That was made by the parties to the initial agreement about cataloging the Criminal Justice collection. We were asked merely to implement that decision in a reasonable way.]

Our suggestion is to put the Criminal Justice accession number in an unused and previously undefined subfield of the 966 tag (since the accession number is copy specific and needs to be associated with its corresponding copy). We have identified $j since it has not been previously defined and will therefore not conflict with any existing subfield uses. There is also some esthetic relationship between Justice and $j. I submitted a table change request to add $j to the 966 tag in the MARC table for BKS so that we can begin to catalog monographs. As additional formats are cataloged, I can submit the appropriate table changes.

The suggested order of subfields is: $c $d $l $s $m $j $b where the accession number appears between the material type and the barcode. This parallels the placement of the Annex number in other 966s.

The accession numbers, like the Annex numbers, will not be indexed.

We were asked however to provide for the display of the accession numbers in OPC. Again we are using the Annex parallel and will define $j to display as a note beneath the copy to which it applies in the same manner and location that the Annex number currently displays in the brief record display in OPC. I asked Sam to confirm an appropriate display constant to appear in front of the accession number. After discussion, we arrived at "Abstract accession number" as a display constant. When I return from vacation, I will submit the corresponding BTPROD changes to implement this decision. The display will look something like this:

  Loan                        Call               Cpy
  Location           Type     Number             #      Status

  CRIMJ              STACKS   AB123.C45 1990     1      In Library
    Note: Abstract accession number 0123456789

No changes will be necessary in the loader programs since the accession numbers will not be coming in on the RLIN tape records and will not need to be handled by the loader. The accession numbers will exist only in Geac.

These decisions are being implemented as described. If any of them present major problems to any of you, please contact Sam as soon as possible.

From GINDER Thu Jun 14 10:33:08 1990
Subject: RE: Handling CRIMJ accession numbers

Your recommendation seems quite sound. Please make sure it is in hard copy form for the files. So many things are decided quite casually and this is one that should be in the files.


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