Cataloger's Initials on Bibliographic Records


The 978 field has been locally defined to contain cataloger's initials and information related to changes made to the bibliographic record.

When to use the 978 field

(1) First time cataloging- Add the 978 field when cataloging an item for the first time in IRIS. This includes:

(2) Work on existing IRIS records-Add the 978 field, or add to an existing 978 field, when editing a bibliographic record in IRIS. If upgrading a record that was previously cataloged manually, consider the upgrade a modification and include the "converted" note. (See below)

Do not add a 978 field when:

Use of the 978 field began in February 2001.

Elements of the 978 field

This field is not repeatable. However, all subfields in the field are repeatable.

Indicators: None


     |a   Cataloger's initials
     |d   Date the bibliographic record was modified
     |n   Note regarding a modified bibliographic record

|a Cataloger's initials

Enter your initials in the 978 field. **Include initials only when records are added to IRIS for the first time. A list of all cataloger's initials is available in the Technical Services folder on the TAS T drive.
Initials can be in lower case, upper case, or mixed case. Enter only your initials in |a. If you are modifying a bibliographic record which has an existing 978 field, enter an additional |a in the same 978 field.

|d Date the bibliographic record was modified

Use |d when modifying a bibliographic record that previously was fully cataloged. Enter the date in the form YYYYMMDD without spaces, dashes, or slashes. For example, January 9, 2001 is entered as 20010109. (Date Cataloged on the Control tab of the IRIS record is sufficient to record the date an item was cataloged for the first time. Including the 978 |d is NOT a substitute for completing the Date Cataloged field.)

|n Note regarding a modified bibliographic record

Use |n for a short term or phrase to indicate the significant modification that was made to the bibliographic record. Notes should be entered in lower case unless the use of lower case causes confusion. Use recat for modifications that are counted as RECAT on the Cataloging Department's statistics form (i.e., in itemCat2), including reclassifications


978     CT
978     red
978     ls|d20010205

978     dk|ael|d20010131|nrecat
978     hd|d20001020|n100,700(1),700(2) upgraded to AACR2

January 2001; revised May 2007, May 2009

Last updated June 2009
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