TAS Policy for Implementation of PCC Policy for Series

In the fall of 2008, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) developed new guidelines for recording series when providing new cataloging. The 440 field (the series as it appears on the piece and in the authorized form) is no longer valid. Field 440 has been replaced by 490 1_, which records the series statement as it appears on the piece, whether or not this is the authorized form. The authorized form is recorded in the 830 field, even though it may duplicate the 490 1_. The TAS guidelines for implementing this policy follow.

  1. Do not add any 440s for new cataloging. Use 490 1_ for the series title as it appears on the item. Add an 830 for the authorized heading. Every 490 1_ must have an 830.
  2. Accept copy with existing 440s until further notice.
  3. Continue to accept 490 0_ as usual.
  4. We will have two standards for series treatments in our catalog, just as we currently have pre- and post-AACR2 records in our catalog.

17 March 2009
M. De Fino
E. Leister

Last updated April 6, 2009; June 1, 2009
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