New Jersey Book Arts Symposium Presenters, 1995-2016 (in alphabetical order)

Lois Morrison

Grace Agnew 2004
Amina Ahmed 2013
Lynne Allen 2001
Rosaire Appel 2008
Carol Armstrong 2007
Jared Ash 2006
Barbara Balliet 2000
Aileen Bassis2016
Siona Benjamin 2011
Doug Beube 2015
Lowell Bodger 1997
Books in Black2007
Judith K. Brodsky 1996, 2000-2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2013-2016 NJBAS
Lynne Buschman 2015
Sheena Calvert 1997
Denise Carbone 1996
Kim Carr 1999 (workshop)
Alberto Casiraghi 2004
Dennis Cate 1999
Gerard Charriere 2001
Jacqueline Clipsham 2002
Beatrice Coron 2000, 2014
Maggie Creshkoff 2004
Washington Cucurto 2014 (workshop)
Maureen Cummins 2008
William Dane 1996-2009 NJBAS
Zoe Darling 2005
Anu Das 1999
Gail Deery 1996
John DePol 1995
Andea Deszo 2013
Anne Dushanko Dobek 2011
Mindell Dubansky 2002
Heyward Erhlich 2002
Sister Sheila Flynn 2001
Eileen Foti 1997, 2011
Asha Ganpat 2008 NJBAS
Suellen Glashausser 1996
Maria Gomez 2013 (workshop)
Sholem Gorewitz 2104
Susan Gosin 1997
Roni Gross 2010
Philip Grushkin 1996
Karen Guancione 2002, 2004 NJBAS
Rachel Hadas 2007, 2014
Valerie Hammond 2007
Bobby Hansson 2004
Randy Hemminghaus 1998
Barbara Henry 1995, 1999, 2010
Susan Happersett 1998
Judith Hoffberg 2005
Judith Hoffmann 2005
Rand Huebsch 2001
Milan Hughston 2003
Ed Hutchins 2006
Elizabeth A. Jabar 2013
Peter Jacobs 2015
Shellie Jacobson 2016
Michael Joseph 1998, 2000, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2014 NJBAS
Carol Joyce 1995
Ann Kalmbach 2009
Tatana Kellner 2009
Linda Helm Krapf 2009
Sandra Kroupa 2003
Hedi Kyle 1997
Catherine LeCleire 2007
Warren Lehrer 2009
Chad Leinaweaver 2006
Earl B. Lewis 1997
Lori Lindenfeld 1998
Tiffany Ludwig 2009
Elizabeth Mackie 2015
Barbara Madsen 2011
Andrew Maishman 2004
Bernard Maisner 2000
Patricia Malarcher 2013
Frances Manola 1998
Allegra Marquart 1998
Barbara Mauriello 1996, 2010
Ken Montgomery 2009
Karen McDermott 2009
Anne McKeown 2007
Robert McMahon 1997
Kathleen McShane 1998
Chuck Miley 2006
MaryAnn Miller 2002
Richard Minsky 2004
Liz Mitchell 2003
Dary-John Mizelle 2001
Ann Montanaro 2006
Lois Morrison 1997, 2005, 2013
Denise Mullen 1998
Lynn S. Mullins 2014 NJBAS
Gordon N. Murray 2003
Irmari Nacht 2013
Heidi Neilson2016
Iris Nevins 1995
Kyle Olman 2006
Ali Osborn2016
Peter Paone 1998
Anna Pinto 1997
Lorraine Piroux 2002
Maria G. Pisano 1995, 2006
Michael Poast 2014
Robin Price2016
Celeste Regal 2014
Maryann Riker 2015
Clare Romano 2000
Frances Manola 1998
Theo Rehak 2010
Sydney Jean Reisen 2015
John Ross 1999, 2014
Ellen Rubin 2006
Donna Ruff 2008
Marvin Sackner 2003
Zoe Sheehan Saldana 2008
Diane Savona 2014
Steven Sax 2010
Rocco Scary 2001
Miriam Schaer 2004, 2016
Pam Scheinman 2001
Marcy Schwartz 2013 (workshop)
Robert G. Sewell 2001
Ian Schoenherr 1999
John Schoenherr 1999
Ilse Schreiber-Noll 2001
Diane Shaw 2015
Robbin Ami Silverberg 2003
Clarissa Sleigh 2007
Judith Sloan 2009
Esther Smith 1998
Alexandra Soteriou 1995
Buzz Spector 2007
Sarah K. Stengle 2002
Maya Stein (Creativity Caravan)2016
Mary Olive Stone 2003
Susan G. Swartzburg 1995 NJBAS
Amanda Thackray 2011
Amy Tingle (Creativity Caravan) 2016
Nancy Norton Tomasko 2001
Jeffery Triggs 2004
Susannah B. Troy 1999
Lourdes Vazquez 2001
Constance Vidor 1999
Stella Waitzkin 1998
June Wayne 2002
Marshall Weber 2003
Debra Weier 1996, 2006
Alison Weld 1995
Benita Wolfe 1996
Sally Willowbee 2005
Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson 2000, 2013 NJBAS
Constance Woo 2003

Omitted from this list are the names of people who gave brief, welcoming comments, introductions, accepted awards or our thanks, as well as the names of the many librarians and staff, without whose skillful, generous efforts and guidance, the NJBAS would not be possible. Lynn S. Mullins, who welcomed attendees to the Symposium 1995-2006 is listed here, not because of her many opening remarks, often formal and reflective, and always genuine and charming, but for an extended introduction she gave in 2014--eight years after her retirement--at the Twentieth Anniversary Book Arts Symposium. For similar reasons, Karen Guancione, who served in various roles on the NJBAS committee fom 2002 to the present, and Amanda Thackray, who came on board as curator a few years later, though making numerous appearances for operational reasons--providing introductions, leading open microphone sessions, opening exhibitions--are listed here specifically for their formal artist presentations alone. Individuals who led workshops or gave demonstrations, as well as giving formal presentations about their own work (such as Barbara Henry, Iris Nevins, Lois Morrison, Beatrice Coron, Asha Ganpat, Eileen Foti, and Rand Huebsch), are also listed just for their presentations. However, people whose appearances consisted only of workshops (the Argentinian artists, Washington Cucurto and Maria Gomez, Brodsky Center curator, Kim Carr, and Professor Marcy Schwartz) are included for their workshops and noted thusly. Otherwise, the specific roles (artist, panelist, respondent, workshopper) delineated on the NJBAS Chronology page, are not delineated here. Those speakers who also served on the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium Committee are marked with a red NJBAS beside their dates. Judith K. Brodsky and William J. Dane had, or have held specific appointments requiring formal presentations: Bill gave "chalk-talks" about the collections he curated (for 62 years) at the Newark Public Library, and Judy has served as the regular respondent to the day's presentations beginning in 2000. The names of musicians who performed at exhibition openings have not been included, but musicians and composers who spoke during the program (for example, Dary-John Mizelle in 2001, and Michael Poast, 2014, have been), following the distinction between symposium presentations that involve a spoken component relating to the conference theme, and evening entertainment.