The 11th Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium


(Untitled collage by Lois Morrison)


The Eleventh Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium: Detrital Books and Detritavores will be held at the John Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers-Newark, in Newark, NJ, on November 11, 2005. Please note that the program will begin with the Book Artists Jam (customarily scheduled for afternoon) at which time of course attendees will be able to shop their own work around and admire, envy and purchase the work of others. Then, preceding the presentations by four artists (see below), whose bookworks involve castaway or discarded materials, will be two brief discussions of the aesthetic and philosophical ideas underlying the production of fine art from de-commodified material. Lois Morrison (artist, program chair, and popularizer of the term "detritavore") will talk about how detritavoria entered her life, and Judith Hoffberg (distinguished scholar and curator), will discuss the relationship(s) between bookart and "recycling."

William J. Dane will then exhibit and narrate detrital books in the special collections of the Newark Public Library and introduce the day's featured artists, whose presentations bridge the morning and afternoon parts of the program, which will conclude with an opening of the exhibition of bookart and bookworks DETRITAVORES.


Detrital Books and Detritavores: The Back Story Again
JUDITH HOFFBERG (Librarian, archivist, editor and publisher of "Umbrella"):
Artists Make the Best Recyclers
WILLIAM J. DANE (Curator, Prints, Newark Public Library):
Books We Just Can't Throw Out at the Newark Public Library

line four

Sally Willowbee

Amanda Thackray

Zoe Darling

Judy Hoffman

The day will conclude with an opening of the group exhibition "detritavores" in the Dana Gallery.   
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