Connie Wu

Engineering Resource Librarian
Librarian, Library of Science and Medicine
Library Faculty, New Brunswick


Library of Science and Medicine

165 Bevier Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8009

Connie Wu is a tenured faculty member and Engineering and Patent Information Librarian at the Rutgers University. Before her librarianship career, Connie was a patent examiner working at the Patent Office of China. Her major research is on engineering and patent information dissemination and analysis. She has published 35 articles, presented more than 100 talks internationally and received numinous awards and research grants.


Chapters in Books

 “Engineering Journal Cancellation in an Academic Environment.” Chapter in Issues in Collection Management: Librarians, Booksellers, Publishers (Edited by Murray S. Martin), Page 101-113, JAI Press, 1995.


Journal articles (refereed)

“Celebrating Diversity, Welcoming the World: Developing Chinese Webpage at Rutgers University Libraries.” CALA Occasional Paper Series, No. 5 June, 2009 (With M Lo, L Sun, R Womack, and T Yang)


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(With Ellen Calhoun)


"Library Orientation for International Students in Their Native Language. " Research Strategies 

Vol. 8, No. 4, Fall 1990 : 191 - 196. (with Daniel Liestman)



Journal articles (not refereed)

"Community Knowledge Centers for Liberia: meeting Africa's millennium goals through a unique collaboration of communities, universities, libraries, and schools for Liberia's economic and social development", Library Hi Tech News, Vol. 30 Iss: 8, pp.6 – 11, 2013 (With Martin A. Kesselman, Laura Palumbo, James Simon, Hector Rodolfo Juliani, Richard Rowe)


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Published conference proceedings (referred)

“Community knowledge centers for Liberia: meeting Africa’s Millennium Goals through a unique collaboration of communities, universities, libraries, and schools for Liberia’s economic & social development,” Access To Information Network Africa (ATINA) Session, IFLA Annual Conference, Helsinki, Finland, August 2012 (With Kesselman, M, Juliani, R, Palumbo, L, Rowe, R, Simon)



Published conference proceedings (not referred)

“Digital Library Initiatives: American Libraries’ Experience.” Proceedings of ’99 International Workshop on Modern Library Management and Services September 1999:70 – 73.



Published lecture notes

“US IPR Introduction, Patent Management and Licensing,” Outline of PPT for Advanced Seminar on Digital Content IPR Strategic Management, page 37-38, Wuhan University. November, 2013  


“Patent Management and Licensing.” Lecture notes published by Suzhou Industrial Park Intellectual Property Bureau , Suzhu, China, May 2013


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“Outlines of Three Lectures.” Lecture Notes of Information Superhighway and Library Services Workshop, Zhejiang University Documentation Information Research Institute, June, 1997, Hangzhou, China.



Published abstracts

“Empowering Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Librarians Leading the Way.” Abstract published in the  poster session book, ACRL-STS Research Forum at ALA Annual Conference 2014


“Building an Offline "Library in a Box" for Developing Countries,” Abstract published in the 31st Annual ALA Poster Sessions Abstracts, page 49, June 2012, with Martin Kesselman and Laura Palumbo


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Book Reviews

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