Encyclopedias: Alcohol Studies

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Drugs and Controlled Substances: Information for Students [Rutgers Restricted]
"Provides detailed information on the physiological and psychological effects of addictive drugs and substances, from illegal drugs to commonly abused classes of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Entries cover the name of the drug, including official, street, variant and historical names; an overview of the substance; statistical analysis of the growth and decline of the use of the drug; mental, physiological and long-term effects of use; treatment and rehabilitation options; and much more. Electronic version of the print resource."

Encyclopedia of Drug Policy [Rutgers Restricted]
"Explores the controversial drug war through the lens of varied disciplines. A full spectrum of articles explains topics from Colombian cartels and Mexican kingpins to television reportage; from just say no" advertising to heroin production; and from narco-terrorism to more than $500 billion in U.S. government expenditures."

Encyclopedia of Drugs - Alcohol and Addictive Behavior [Rutgers Restricted]
"The content emphasis is on updating of both topics and statistics across a broad spectrum. Specifically addressing the new frontiers that have opened in the area of addictive studies, the volumes explore not only the biological basis for addiction, but also recent enhancements in diagnosis and treatment." Electronic version of the 4 volume 2nd edition of the print resource.

Encyclopedia of Public Health [Rutgers Restricted]
Intended for nonspecialist readers, this electronic version of the 4 volume encyclopedia covers "topics as broad in range as environmental health, drug abuse, epidemiology, nutrition, demographics, and diseases. Includes overviews, definitions, and biographical entries."

Encyclopedia of Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery [Rutgers Restricted]
Covers contemporary and historical issue in the alcohol and other drug (AOD) field that would be of interest to those in prevention, treatment, or recovery studies or practice.

Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides detailed information on mental disorders and conditions. Also features entries for prescription, alternative and over-the-counter drugs, as well as the various therapies used to treat mental disorders. Electronic version of the 2 volume 2nd edition of the print resource.