Encyclopedias: Clinical

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APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology [Rutgers Restricted]
"Provides a comprehensive overview of: the history of clinical psychology, specialties and settings, theoretical and research approaches, assessment, treatment and prevention, psychological disorders, health and relational disorders, health promotion, educational paths, psychologists' development, ethics and standards, professional organizations, and future directions of clinical psychology."

Encyclopedia of Feeding and Eating Disorders [Rutgers Restricted]
"The scope of the book is an overview of all the feeding and eating disorders from “bench to bedside”, incorporating recent changes introduced into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). The aim is to present one of the first complete overviews of the newly defined area of feeding and eating disorders with respect to genetics, biology and neuroscience through to theory and its application in developing clinical approaches to the prevention and treatment of feeding and eating disorders."

Encyclopedia of Obesity [Rutgers Restricted]
Summarizes "pertinent topics in obesity and related health conditions, including molecular biology, psychology, medicine, public health and policy, food science, environmental health, and pharmaceuticals." Electronic version of the print resource.

Encyclopedia of Pain [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides "a source of information that spans contemporary basic and clinical research on pain and pain therapy." This Second Edition of the encyclopedia "introduces new topics consistent with advances in our knowledge of underlying mechanisms of pain."

Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer [Rutgers Restricted]
"Comprehensive survey of 120 cancers, cancer drugs, traditional and alternative treatments, side effects and diagnostic procedures." Electronic version of the 2 volume 2nd edition of the print resource.

Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides "information on genetic disorders, including conditions, tests, procedures, treatments and therapies, in articles that are both comprehensive and easy to understand in language accessible to laypersons." Electronic version of the 2 volume 2nd edition of the print resource.