Encyclopedias: Engineering

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Desktop Encyclopedia of the Internet [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides information on the operation and application of various Internet technologies and explains technical terms in context.

Encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry [Rutgers Restricted]
Covers electrochemical fundamentals, processes and technologies, and techniques. Intended for use by electrochemists and electrochemical engineers as well as nonspecialists in all disciplines.

Encyclopedia of Lubricants and Lubrication [Rutgers Restricted]
"The encyclopedia presents a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge in the realm of lubrication. All the aspects of fundamental data, underlying concepts and use cases, as well as theoretical research and last but not least terminology are covered in hundreds of essays and definitions, authored by experts in their respective fields, from industry and academic institutes."

Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics [Rutgers Restricted]
"Covers the fundamentals, latest developments and cutting-edge experimental techniques, including electrical double-layers; optofluidics; DNA lab-on-a-chip; nanosensors; and much more."

Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Society [Rutgers Restricted]
"Offers accessible descriptions of some of the key technical achievements of nanoscience along with its history and prospects. Rather than a technical primer, this encyclopedia instead focuses on the efforts of governments around the world to fund nanoscience research and to tap its potential for economic development as well as to assess how best to regulate a new technology for the environmental, occupational, and consumer health and safety issues related to the field."

Encyclopedia of Optimization [Rutgers Restricted]
"Comprehensive reference work for a growing field of crucial importance to researchers in a variety of subject areas, including industrial engineering, operations research and mathematics."

Green Technology: An A-to-Z Guide [Rutgers Restricted]
"Explores the essential role of technology and its most recent developments toward a sustainable environment. "Features such disciplines as nanoscience, biochemistry, information technology, and environmental engineering." Part of the Green Society: Toward a Sustainable Future series."

How Products are Made
Step-by-step descriptions of the assembly and the manufacturing process (complemented with illustrations and diagrams). Each product also has related information such as the background, how the item works, who invented the product, raw materials that were used, product applications, by-products that are generated, possible future developments, quality control procedures, etc. Based on the Thomson Gale print publication of the same name.

Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering [Rutgers Restricted]
"Includes over 450 A to Z articles addressing the latest advances and findings in computer science and engineering, in addition to important topics of interest to computer scientists and engineers, including standards, electronic commerce, financial engineering, and computer education."