Encyclopedias: Library and Information Science

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Encyclopedia of Communication and Information [Rutgers Restricted]
Explores the full spectrum of communication, from careers to information technologies, in an interdisciplinary fashion. Emphasis is on both historical and current issues, topics, and people. Electronic version of the 3 volume print resource.

Encyclopedia of Database Systems [Rutgers Restricted]
"Coverage of the important concepts, issues, emerging technology and future trends in the field of database technologies, systems, and applications including areas of current interest and research results of historical significance."

Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology [Rutgers Restricted]
Searchable version of the 2 volume encyclopedia covering key issues, terms, and concepts relating to the role of gender in human interaction with IT and the IT profession.

Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science [Rutgers Restricted]
Covers themes such as conceptual foundations, cartography and visualization, design aspects, data manipulation, data modeling, geocomputation, geospatial data, societal issues, spatial analysis, and organizational and institutional aspects. Electronic version of the print resource.

Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides a broad basis for understanding the issues, technologies, theories, applications, opportunities, challenges, and emerging technologies. Searchable, with full text articles in PDF format.

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences [Rutgers Restricted]
Not limited to librarianship or information science, "this work is designed to cover a spectrum of related information disciplines, including: archival science, bibliography, document and genre theory, informatics, information systems, knowledge management, library and information science, museum studies, records management, and social studies of information." Electronic version of the 3rd edition.

Encyclopedia of Multimedia [Rutgers Restricted]
"Provides in-depth coverage of the important concepts, issues and technology trends in the field of multimedia technologies, systems, techniques, and applications. It is a comprehensive collection of articles that present perspectives and future trends in the field from hundreds of leading researchers and experts in the field. The articles in the book describe a number of topics in multimedia systems and applications - from multimedia servers, to multimedia databases and multimedia networks and communications, to emerging multimedia applications."

Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining [Rutgers Restricted]
"Presents the first comprehensive coverage of all fields including computer science, statistics, social and cultural anthropology, and informatics in general, that contribute to an understanding of the structure and function of social networks."

InfoSci-Books [Rutgers Restricted]
A fully searchable database of electronic books including more than 25 encyclopedias in information science, computer science, communication, and related areas.