Encyclopedias: Mathematics and Statistics

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Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics [Rutgers Restricted]
"Presents the essential information about statistical tests, concepts, and analytical methods in language that is accessible to practitioners and students and the vast community using statistics in medicine, engineering, physical science, life science, social science, and business/economics. Also includes "biographies of famous statisticians, including some currents ones who continue to contribute to the science of statistics."

Encyclopedia of Algorithms [Rutgers Restricted]
Includes names, definitions, key results, and further readings on a wide range of algorithmic areas. Second edition.

Encyclopedia of Distances [Rutgers Restricted]
Tries to address "all scientific uses of the notion of distance." Fourth edition.

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics [Rutgers Restricted]
"Offers cross-disciplinary coverage, with contributions from and applications to the fields of Psychology, Education, Sociology, Human Development, Political Science, Business and Management, Public Health, and others." Electronic version of the print resource.

Encyclopedia of Optimization [Rutgers Restricted]
"Comprehensive reference work for a growing field of crucial importance to researchers in a variety of subject areas, including industrial engineering, operations research and mathematics."

Historical Encyclopedia of Natural and Mathematical Sciences [Rutgers Restricted]
"Blends the essential historical data (chronology, biographies, major background political and economical events, etc.) together with science proper (principles, laws, experiments, observations, theories, equations, etc.)."

International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science [Rutgers Restricted]
"Demystifies the concepts and philosophy of statistics, not just to students and researchers in the field but to their many non-statistician colleagues in other areas, who need to understand statistics in order to make progress in their own disciplines."

Real-Life Math [Rutgers Restricted]
"Provides an understanding of commonly studied math concepts by illustrating their use in everyday life in everyday tasks, such as buying insurance, constructing a budget, reading graphs, adjusting cooking recipes or planning for retirement. Topics are designed to support the modern mathematics curriculum and contain examples related to the global economy." Electronic version of the 2 volume print resource.