Encyclopedias: Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Encyclopedia of Immunotoxicology [Rutgers Restricted]
"Provides rapid access to focused information on topics of Immunotoxicology not only for scientists and those dealing with laboratory aspects but also for lecturers and advanced students."

Encyclopedia of Obesity [Rutgers Restricted]
Summarizes "pertinent topics in obesity and related health conditions, including molecular biology, psychology, medicine, public health and policy, food science, environmental health, and pharmaceuticals." Electronic version of the print resource.

Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health: Infancy through Adolescence [Rutgers Restricted]
Covers infancy through adolescence, with an emphasis on the health issues affecting children under the age of four. Articles are "arranged into five main entry types: Diseases and Disorders; Development; Immunizations; Drugs; and Procedures." Electronic version of the print resource. A freely accessible version is also available.

Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides detailed information on mental disorders and conditions. Also features entries for prescription, alternative and over-the-counter drugs, as well as the various therapies used to treat mental disorders. Electronic version of the 2 volume 2nd edition of the print resource.

Merck Index [Rutgers Restricted]
" An encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals that contains more than 10,000 monographs. Each monograph in this authoritative reference source is a concise description of a single substance or a small group of closely related compounds."