Encyclopedias: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

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American Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia [Rutgers Restricted]
More than 250 entries on developments in the growing field of men’s studies including topics such as: arts, literature, and popular culture; body, health, and sexuality; class, ethnic, racial, and religious identities; concepts and theories; family and fatherhood; general history; icons and symbols; leisure and work; movements and organizations; people; and political and social issues.

American Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide from Colonial Times to the Present [Rutgers Restricted]
An electronic version of the 4 volume resource containing "biographical and critical essays on 1,328 American women writers covering all genres and all periods of American history."

Encyclopedia of British Women Writers [Rutgers Restricted]
"Makes readily available, in alphabetical sequence, some 600 biographical-critical entries on a range of women writers, from the early centuries of writing identified with England up to the present day."

Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion [Rutgers Restricted]
"A three volume survey of clothing, costume and fashion, presented through 640 essays, arranged alphabetically. Coverage includes the origins of clothing and body adornment, the development of fabrics and technologies, and the social meanings of dress, as well as representative costumes from a wide range of historical eras."

Encyclopedia of Domestic Violence and Abuse [Rutgers Restricted]
Although this volume is focused on domestic abuse, entries cover topics relevant to broader human rights issues that disproportionately impact women.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology [Rutgers Restricted]
Searchable version of the 2 volume encyclopedia covering key issues, terms, and concepts relating to the role of gender in human interaction with IT and the IT profession.

Encyclopedia of Gender and Society [Rutgers Restricted]
"Focuses on basic aspects of social life from the most individual (self and identity) to the most global (transnational economics and politics). The specific categories covered in the encyclopedia include the following: Art, Popular Culture, and Sports; Associations and Organizations; Biographies; Body Image, Health, and Illness; Crime and Criminal Justice; Economics, Environment, and Ecology; Gender Identities and Roles; International Development and Human Rights; Politics, Public Policy, and Social Movements; Race and Ethnicity; Relationships, Marriage, and the Family; Religion, Mythology, and Spirituality; Science, Research, Education, and Technology; and Sexuality and Reproduction."

Encyclopedia of Gender in Media [Rutgers Restricted]
Addresses a variety of entertainment and news content in print and electronic media and explores the social construction of masculinity as well as femininity. In addition to representations of gender within the media, it also analyzes gender issues related to media ownership and the media workforce.

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West [Rutgers Restricted]
Examines the settlement of the American West including "coverage of movements of American Indians, African Americans, and the often-forgotten role of women in the West’s development." Electronic version of the 2 volume print resource.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian - Gay - Bisexual and Transgender History in America [Rutgers Restricted]
Provides a comprehensive survey of lesbian and gay history and culture in the United States. Includes approximately 545 articles ranging from short biographical entries to longer essays surveying topics such as the Stonewall riots, federal law and policy, same sex institutions, and AIDS. Electronic version of the 3 volume print resource.

Encyclopedia of Motherhood [Rutgers Restricted]
"The intent of the encyclopedia is to introduce readers to and provide information on the central terms, concepts, topics, issues, themes, debates, theories, and texts of this new discipline of motherhood studies as well as to examine the topic of motherhood in various contexts such as history and geography and by academic discipline."

Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures [Rutgers Restricted]
"An interdisciplinary, trans-historical, and global project embracing women and Islamic cultures in every region where there have been significant Muslim populations. It aims to cover every topic for which there is significant research, examining these regions from the period just before the rise of Islam to the present." Online version of the print encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia of Women in the American West [Rutgers Restricted]
Captures the lives of more than 150 women who made their mark from the mid-1800s to the present, contextualizing their experiences and contributions to American society. The encyclopedia "covers nine diverse topical categories: agriculture/ranching, arts and letters, education, entrepreneurs, law, pioneers, public performance, religion, and women's organizations."

Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World [Rutgers Restricted]
Looks at women today and delves into contexts of being female in the 21st century. Covers "the full range of issues in contemporary women’s studies, with volumes including information relevant to the following academic disciplinary contexts: arts and media; business and economics; criminal justice; education; family studies; health; media; military; politics; science and technology; sports; religion; and women in different cultures and countries."

Encyclopedia of Women Social Reformers [Rutgers Restricted]
Articles on women reformers from the French Revolution to the second wave of feminism in the 1970s, with a few important contemporary figures.

Fashion, Costume, and Culture: Clothing, Headwear, Body Decorations, and Footwear through the Ages [Rutgers Restricted]
Electronic version of the 5 volume print resource providing "a broad overview of costume traditions of diverse cultures from prehistoric times to the present day. Examines more than 430 items of human decoration and adornment, ranging from togas to turban

Feminism in Literature: A Gale Critical Companion [Rutgers Restricted]
"This six-volume set explores the history of women and feminism throughout literature, from classical antiquity to modern times. Topics covered include misogyny and women's social roles in ancient civilizations, 16th-century women's devotional literature, 17th- and 18th-century women's captivity narratives, the women's suffrage movement in 19th-century America, women writers of the Lost Generation," lesbian literature, and much more."

Gender Issues and Sexuality: Essential Primary Sources [Rutgers Restricted]
Covers the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries with "full or excerpted documents---speeches, legislation, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, memoirs, letters, interviews, novels, songs, and works of art---as well as overview information that places each document in context."

glbtq: the world's largest encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer culture
Browse entries for the arts, literature, social sciences and history, or essays and interviews. This is an archived version of the content from the original website which closed on August 1, 2015.

Jewish Women's Archive: Encyclopedia
"Embraces the whole Jewish world and all of Jewish culture from the Hebrew Bible to the present. Includes the text from the original CD-ROM resource plus some images. Articles will be added and updated over time."