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James Dickson Carr Library
10/25/194 pm6 pm


Livingston College in 1969
Library of Science and Medicine
10/29/1911 am2 pm

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Rutgers Libraries team up to host a book and bake sale. Selling used/donated textbooks, test prep and review materials. Proceeds will go to the national non-profit organization Reach Out and Read. Cash and...

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Robeson Library
10/30/1911:30 am12:30 pm

Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating a mini-pumpkin during free period.

Picture of miniature pumpkin decorated for Halloween
Library of Science and Medicine
10/30/1912 pm1:30 pm

The RStudio environment enables the easy creation of documents in various formats (HTML, DOC, PDF) using Rmarkdown, while knitr allows the incorporation of executable R code to produce the tables and figures in those documents. This session...

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Chang Library
10/30/192:15 pm5:15 pm

Join us as often as you like as we read short fiction for fun in the fall semester every Wednesday between clasees.

We will be reading short fiction and talking about it together—that’s it! It’s like speed-dating the library stacks. You’ll...

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Robeson Library
10/30/196 pm7 pm

Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating a mini pumpkin!

Picture of miniature pumpkin decorated for Halloween
Robeson Library

The 2019 selection for Rutgers Reads is Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond. In this brilliant, heartbreaking book, Desmond takes readers into the poorest neighborhoods of Milwaukee to tell the story of...

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Alexander Library
10/31/1910 am11:30 am

This workshop is the first of two exploring the recently added New Jersey newspapers in Chronicling America. In this first part, we’ll focus on techniques and strategies for fuzzy string matching...

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Robeson Library
10/31/1912:45 pm

In the spirit of Halloween, the Animation Workgroup, the Global Studies program, and Robeson Library are pleased to invite you to a free showing of Seoul Station, the animated prequel of Korean horror masterpiece Train to Busan...

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Alexander Library
10/31/192:30 pm4 pm

Shiny is an R package that enables the creation of interactive websites for data visualization. This session provides a brief overview of the Shiny framework, and how to edit and publish Shiny sites in RStudio (with Familiarity...

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