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Alexander Library
11/11/192:45 pm4:15 pm

Curious about the latest developments in digital textual studies? Would you like to learn about existing and ongoing digital editions undertaken by scholars at Rutgers and beyond? This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the theory...

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Douglass Library
11/11/197:30 pm8:30 pm

The Electronic Music Ensemble of Wayne State (EMEWS) will present live electronic music made for laptop orchestra, game controllers, smartphones, and drum machines. The event is part of the ensemble's EMEWS to the East tour, and it is supported...

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Library of Science and Medicine
11/12/191 pm2:30 pm

Utilizing numpy, pandas, and matplotlib, this workshop will show how to write code in Python to compare the price, Log Returns, and SMA (Simple Moving Average) of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and predict which one is a better investment choice. 

Fall data workshop series
Alexander Library
11/12/192 pm3:30 pm

This workshop is the second of two exploring the recently added New Jersey newspapers in Chronicling America. In the second part, we’ll begin with the results of the previous workshop and do some...

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Alexander Library
Digital Humanities Lab
11/12/193 pm6 pm

Join us to celebrate the centennial of the 19th Amendment and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's 204th birthday by helping the Library of Congress transcribe the personal papers of American suffragists, including Mary Church Terrell, Susan B. Anthony,...

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Library of Science and Medicine
11/13/191:30 pm3:30 pm

Advanced GIS with QGIS

In this workshop, we will learn about selection, queries, and spatial joins; and we will cover geoprocessing tools such as dissolve, merge, append, clip, buffer, intersect, union, and erase. We will...

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Chang Library
11/14/1910 am11 am

Everyone is invited to have coffee and chat about important issues in science at the SEBS Science Café series.

Microorganisms enter the atmosphere from a variety of sources including plant surfaces, soils, and bodies of water. They are...

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Alexander Library
11/14/192 pm5 pm

Help people in need by participating in a crowd-sourced, humanitarian mapping project. Together with students, staff, and faculty, you will contribute geospatial data to OpenStreetMap, a free and editable map...

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Alexander Library
11/15/191 pm3 pm

This workshop delves into a wider variety of basic supervised learning methods for both classification and regression (Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naive Bayes, k-Nearest Neighbor). In the last part, we will discuss unsupervised...

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Alexander Library
11/15/198 am6 pm

Rutgers Indigenous Languages in/of New Jersey Colloquium

In honor of the UN’s Year of Indigenous Languages, this colloquium highlights indigenous languages in and of New Jersey as well as Rutgers research related to...

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