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Online via Zoom
Dana Library
9/8/2011 am1 pm

All Rutgers–Newark students and faculty are invited to join us for a virtual open house via Zoom! 

Drop in at any time to meet our expert librarians & archivists and learn more about how Dana Library can support your teaching, research...

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Learn what GIS is and how it works in this introductory and interactive session. Learn about available software, sources and types of data and file formats, geospatial data visualization and basic geoprocessing.

[Part 1 of series,...

Sue Oldenburg

This workshop will be an accelerated introduction to fundamental concepts such as variable assignment, data types, basic calculations, working with strings and lists, control structures (e.g. for-loops), functions.

Workshop conducted via...

Sly Zhong
9/8/204:30 pm6 pm

This workshop provides an introduction to SAS, covering the basics of navigation, loading data, graphics, and elementary descriptive statistics and regression using a sample dataset. 

SAS is a powerful and long-standing system that handles...

Ryan Womack
Digital Exhibition
9/1/2012/31/203:30 pm

The Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities is pleased to present the virtual exhibition, Gendering Protest: Deborah Castillo and Érika...

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