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Continue to develop your GIS knowledge in this introductory and hands-on session. Learn about definition queries, spatial and table joins, creating shapefiles and spatial analysis.

[Part 2 of series, Introduction to GIS with ArcGIS and...

Sue Oldenburg
Robeson Library
9/14/201 pm1:30 pm

Learn the basics of QuickSearch to find materials available from the Rutgers Libraries, including books, journals, articles, music, movies, and more.

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Robeson Library
9/14/202:30 pm3 pm

An introduction to tools and techniques for protecting your digital privacy and how to share this information with others.  

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Digital Exhibition
9/1/2012/31/203:30 pm

The Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities is pleased to present the virtual exhibition, Gendering Protest: Deborah Castillo and Érika...

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