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Online, Special Collections and University Archives
11/24/205 pm6:30 pm
10/13/2012 pm1 pm

Learn what GIS is and how it works in this introductory and interactive session. Learn about available software, sources and types of data and file formats, geospatial data visualization and basic geoprocessing.

[Part 1 of series,...

Sue Oldenburg
Robeson Library
10/13/202 pm2:30 pm

Intended for anyone teaching classes at Rutgers-Camden, this workshop will provide an overview of how to find streaming media for classroom use and how to request films that aren't yet available. Register here for this online workshop: ...

10/13/202 pm3:30 pm

This workshop is the second of a two-part series. In this workshop, we’ll receive a gentle introduction to the R language and RStudio, the most commonly used integrated development environment for R. We’ll explore a social media dataset using...

Francesca Giannetti

This workshop delves into a wider variety of basic and most commonly used statistical tests including Null Hypothesis Testing, Critical Value, p-value, Z-test, t-test and Chi-Square Test etc. and how to run those tests in different programming...

Sly Zhong

The RStudio environment enables the easy creation of documents in various formats (HTML, DOC, PDF) using Rmarkdown, while knitr allows the incorporation of executable R code to produce the tables and figures in those documents. This session...

Ryan Womack
Robeson Library
10/13/206 pm7 pm

Join with your friends or individually for a Rutgers–Camden themed trivia night! 

Register here for this online workshop: 


The Undergraduate Research Writing Conference (URWC) is an annual event that showcases outstanding work completed by students across Rutgers University. Students who earned A’s in...

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Digital Exhibition
9/1/2012/31/203:30 pm

The Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities is pleased to present the virtual exhibition, Gendering Protest: Deborah Castillo and Érika...

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