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Online, Special Collections and University Archives
11/24/205 pm6:30 pm
10/15/2010 am11:30 am

This workshop is the second of a two-part series. In this workshop, we’ll receive a gentle introduction to the R language and RStudio, the most commonly used integrated development environment for R. We’ll explore a social media dataset using...

Francesca Giannetti
Robeson Library
10/15/2011 am11:30 am

Search alerts in library research databases can help you keep up when new articles are published on topics you're interested in, or notify you when the full text of a new issue of a journal is available in a database. This webinar will show you...

This workshop will be a beginner level introduction to statistical analyses in Excel. We will use video games sales data (or another freely available alternative), to introduce statistical analyses that compare average values, including the z-...

10/15/203:30 pm5 pm

This workshop is intended as a basic introduction to using NVivo, a software that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. The workshop focuses on introducing key mechanisms of the software that may be applied as required by different...

Shari Cunningham
Margery Somers Foster Center
10/15/207 pm8:15 pm

Weeding or getting rid of books in a library frequently elicits intense fury and disbelief in library users. This workshop demystifies this topic, highlighting the reasons for weeding as an ongoing practice in libraries and presents “Blackout...


The Undergraduate Research Writing Conference (URWC) is an annual event that showcases outstanding work completed by students across Rutgers University. Students who earned A’s in...

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Digital Exhibition
9/1/2012/31/203:30 pm

The Center for Women in the Arts and Humanities is pleased to present the virtual exhibition, Gendering Protest: Deborah Castillo and Érika...

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