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Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Statuses

Awaiting ALA Processing:
Your request is being forwarded to a lending library. Additional time may be needed for special processing.
Awaiting Conditional Processing:
A potential lender has replied to your request, seeking more information. ILL is responding.
Awaiting Copyright Clearance:
ILL is processing your request. It will shortly be forwarded to a potential lending library.
Awaiting Customer Contact:
Your requested material has arrived. You will be notified shortly via e-mail.
Awaiting Odyssey Processing:
Your item has been received electronically and will be posted to the web shortly. You will be contacted by email when it is ready.
Awaiting Post-Receipt Processing:
Your requested material has arrived, but is not yet ready for pickup. You will be contacted by email when it is ready.
Awaiting Recall Processing:
The lending library has recalled your item. Please return it immediately.
Awaiting Request Processing:
ILL is searching for potential lenders for your request.
Awaiting Return Label Printing:
Your item has been returned to our office and checked in and will be shipped back to the lending institution.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing:
Your request has not been filled by the lenders we have contacted so far. ILL is still working on your request.
Cancelled By Customer:
You have cancelled your request.
Cancelled By ILL Staff:
Your request was cancelled by ILL staff. Please see the notification via Email to see the reason.
Customer Notified Via E-Mail:
Your item has arrived and is IN-PROCESS. After it has been PROCESSED and is available for check out or for in-library use at your pick-up library, you will receive another e-mail message at the e-mail address attached to your record in the Rutgers University Libraries circulation system. You may also check MY ACCOUNT in the Library Catalog at any time to see if any of your interlibrary loan requests are ready for checkout or in-library use.
Delivered To Web:
Your copy is available for viewing or downloading from ILLiad.
In ALA Print Queue:
The lender requires a special form to be mailed or faxed to them. This form has been completed by ILL staff and will be sent.
In Electronic Delivery Processing:
Your article has been received electronically and will be posted to the web shortly. You will be contacted by email when it is ready.
Request Finished:
If this is an electronic copy, it is no longer available because it has been on the web for 21 days. If it is a loan, the item has been checked in and returned to the lending library.
Request In Processing:
ILL is in the process of ordering your request from a lending library.
Request Sent:
ILL staff has forwarded your request to potential lenders and is waiting for a response.