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Statistics Canada's E-STAT offers an enormous warehouse of reliable and timely statistics about Canada and its people. Statistical tables track trends in virtually every aspect of the lives of Canadians including the economy; land and resources; demographics; health; government; and elections. Includes: 1) CANSIM, a multidimensional socio-economic database containing 38 million time series regrouped in more than 2,800 tables, 2) Canada's census data with reference maps, 3) Interactive maps of data from the 2006 and 2001 censuses, 4) an Environment Module, and 5) annual data on Human Activity and the Environment.


Click the 'Accept and Enter' button near the bottom of the screen to begin searching.

User guides are accessible from the menu at the left of each screen. A Help with this page option also appears under Search CANSIM or Search Census on the left side bar, when you enter the data module. See also:

Dates covered

Varies for each component. Includes census data from 1665 to 1871 and 1986 to the present.

Updating frequency

Annual for most numeric data with some quarterly reports. Census data is updated every five years.


Publications from Statistics Canada, the official source for Canadian social and economic statistics and products, as well as other agencies such as Elections Canada, and Health Canada. Includes the Censuses of population and agriculture plus other Canadian government publications such as Canadian Social Trends, Health Reports, Human Activity and the Environment, and Juristat.

Type of coverage

Time series, census numeric data, government reports.

Print counterpart or
related resources

Some publications included in the database are available in print and may be found through a search of QuickSearch.

Producer/content provider

Statistics Canada

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

Statistics Canada