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"Art of the Tattoo" exhibit at Art Library, opens late February

February 19, 2014
A Tattoo

Photo of Rutgers University Libraries' Development Assistant Matt Badessa's tattoo.

Have you ever wondered what happens to our marvelous tattoos as we age? Whether people acquire tattoos of English words in different parts of the world, just as people in the West get them in Arabic or Chinese?  And what did tattoos represent in ancient times?

Well, wonder no more. The Art Library on the College Ave campus will present an exhibit filled with answers to all of your tattoo related questions and more. This project, which will open in late February, takes a closer look at a part of our culture that plays such a significant role in many of our lives.

Since the subject has such a rich and broad history, the exhibit will feature specific categories of tattoo culture.  This showcase will also have local roots as we are asking the Rutgers community to share their tattoos and let us display photos of them at the exhibit.  

If you are a member of the Rutgers community and wish to display a picture of your tattoo(s) in the Art Library exhibition, please send a high resolution image of your tattoo(s) to If your image is chosen for the exhibition you will be asked to sign a model release form before your image may be hung in the Rutgers Art Library. You will have the option to remain anonymous.

For more information on this exhibition, please contact Art Librarian Megan Lotts at or 848-932-7189.  

Story written by
'Art of the Tattoo' exhibition co-curator
Bilge Olgun