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Chemistry Library, in Wright-Rieman Laboratory, to close August 30

August 26, 2013

There are major changes underway on the Busch campus, to better serve the needs of Chemistry and Chemical Biology faculty, students, and staff.

Rutgers is preparing to break ground on a new Chemistry & Chemical Biology building. Before the new building can be constructed, Doolittle Hall will be taken down and that will require the Chemistry and Chemical Biology department and other departments to move staff and resources to different locations. As part of this process, the Chemistry Library in the Wright-Rieman Laboratory building will be closing in order to convert the space to faculty offices. To allow sufficient time for the space to be reconfigured, the Chemistry Library will be permanently closing on August 30th.

The Chemistry Library's collection will be moved in its entirety to the Library Annex, on Busch campus, until items can be moved into their permanent locations. Some will remain in the Annex, some will be relocated to the Library of Science and Medicine, and others may be relocated elsewhere. Wherever these items are located, library users  will continue to have access to them through campus book delivery, available on the Libraries website at Library users may select any library as their pick-up point.

In anticipation of the library closure, the Libraries have also increased our online holdings. We have added nine Inorganic Chemistry journals from Elsevier, five journal titles from Wiley, and we now have access to the Springer Chemistry and Materials Science collection of e-books.

To celebrate the upcoming change in service to the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, and to answer any questions, Chemistry and Physics Librarian Laura Palumbo will host a reception at the Chemistry Library on Wednesday, August 28, from 2:00-3:30. Chemistry and Chemical Biology faculty, students, and staff are invited to join Laura for light refreshments and updates on the new resources and the transition of the library's materials.

We hope to make this transition period as smooth as possible for all. Should you have any questions please contact the Chemistry Librarian, Laura Palumbo, at or (848) 445-3558.