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Finals Survival Guide

May 3, 2017

As reading days roll on, the Libraries are packed with Rutgers students making last minute preparations for finals. We took the opportunity to ask them for advice about surviving this trying time of the semseter, from study tips to snack recommendations to favorite library study spots. Here’s what they had to say:

“Use all the resources you can get your hands on. Make a study schedule, start early, and take breaks. Drink water or something to keep you hydrated. Bring contact solution and glasses in case your eyes get dry, and granola bars or other small snacks you can munch on. I prefer studying in a group, but get more work done studying alone.” – Babitha Babu (Business Analytics and Information Technology & Management, RBS 2018)
“Make sure to get rest. Study ahead of time, since cramming usually only makes you more tired and stressed. Drink water—lots of water—and eat fruits!” – Claudia Guzman (Film, MGSA 2020)
“Remember that as long as you've been exposed to the material before, then it's in your head somewhere. The worst case scenario is that you don't do well. It might take some extra work, you might need to change your strategy, and you might even need to repeat a class, but you can always try again. Don't give up, do your best, take it one step at a time, and you'll be fine.” – Jessica Hamman (Art History, SAS 2017)
“Get a good night’s sleep the week prior to finals and try your best to understand all of the material in your courses. For a long study session, I pack fruit, orange juice, water, and a sandwich.” – Caitlin Hessberger (Biological Sciences, SAS 2020)
“Spend more time in the library! Find a study place by the outlet and bring water, tissue boxes, coffee, and snacks.” – Arash Irani (Political Science, SAS 2020)
“Librarians can direct you to websites to help you study. My favorite study spot is the third floor in the Library of Science and Medicine. It’s extremely quiet and the study rooms have nice lighting. Take advantage of quick printing from your laptop. Make sure you have good sleeping habits during finals, and pack granola bars and oatmeal to eat while studying.” – Mitesh Jariwala (Public Health, SPH 2019)
“If you are not already studying, start! Use the online directories and databases and ask a librarian for help finding books. Make sure you sleep and eat.” – Aurora Morton (Classics, SAS 2017)
“Take advantage of the space in the library, and when you get tired, stretch. Make sure you go to the review!” – Melissa Tarver (Social Work, SSW 2018)