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JAMA Article - Engaging Medical Librarians to Improve the Quality of Review Articles

September 12, 2014

The librarians at the George F. Smith Library of the Health Sciences are ready and willing to collaborate with clinical faculty, staff and students across the RBHS schools and Rutgers University on research and literature searches.

This article (Engaging Medical Librarians to Improve the Quality of Review Articles) from the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), out today, September 11, 2014, speaks directly to the value of collaborating with medical librarians.  A two page read that could provide a reason for calling your medical librarian today!

Medical librarians play a central role in assisting clinicians’ access medical literature needed to provide patient care. They also can play an important role in developing high-quality narrative and systematic reviews, constructing search strategies, managing references, reviewing references for inclusion, documenting the search methodology, and contributing to the drafting of the final manuscript. Having a medical librarian closely involved ensures that the review will be thorough and its methodology reproducible. Medical librarians bring expertise to the review process based on their understanding of the medical literature, search methods, and re-view guidelines and standards. Their neutrality and expertise can help minimize bias in the review process, leading to more robust and un- biased review articles. – Excerpt from Rethlefsen, Murad, & Livingston (2014)

Rethlefsen ML, Murad M, Livingston EH. Engaging Medical Librarians to Improve the Quality of Review Articles. JAMA.2014;312(10):999-1000. doi:10.1001/jama.2014.9263.