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JSTOR Arts & Sciences: Modules IV - X

August 26, 2013

JSTOR Arts & Sciences: Modules IV – X provides electronic access to back-runs of hundreds of important scholarly journals in the arts, business, humanities, law, and the social sciences.

The seven new modules cover topics such as -

  • The professions of business, education, and law, and titles in psychology and public policy and administration. Among the titles are highly influential and diverse publications from leading professional organizations in the fields of business and the social sciences. (IV)
  • Important literary reviews and state historical journals; also adds titles in the arts and humanities, such as philosophy, history, classics, religion, art and art history, and language and literature (V)
  • The social sciences, with clusters focused in economics, education, linguistics, political science, and area studies (VI)
  • An eclectic range of disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to complement research in core disciplines such as history, political science, sociology, art and art history, and language and literature. The collection represents the largest cluster of health policy titles in JSTOR and also offers has the largest collection of international titles with over 15 countries represented (VII)
  • A group of rare 19th and early 20th century American Art periodicals digitized as part of a special project undertaken with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick Collection, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. This collection also includes journals in philosophy, classical studies, and music. (VIII)
  • Journals from more than 25 countries provide outstanding international diversity, and rare materials bring unique depth to the collection, with research covering archaeology, anthropology, sociology, business, economics, population studies, and political science (IX)
  • Sociology, education, public policy & administration, the history of science, technology, and medicine; transportation studies and development studies; and titles in the fields of business, economics, and finance (X).

For more information on JSTOR Arts & Sciences, Modules IV-X, please contact Interim Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management Thomas Izbicki.

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