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Seven new collections of online resources, of faculty interest

August 26, 2013

Over the summer the Libraries obtained seven much-sought-after major online collections of journals, databases, and e-books that serve faculty and students in a wide variety of subject areas.

These new-to-the-Libraries online collections are:


ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is an online collection of approximately 3,700 books of high quality in the humanities, published by twenty-seven learned societies, over 100 contributing publishers, and the MPublishing Division of the University of Michigan Library.  This e-book collection includes selections in the following fields: Area Studies focusing on Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Central European, Jewish studies, native peoples of the Americas, and women’s studies; Historical studies including African, American, Asian, comparative/world, Eastern European/Russian, economic, European, Latin American, law, medicine, methods/theory, Middle East, and science/technology. HEB also encompasses the fields of archaeology, art and architectural history, biblical studies, bibliographic studies, film and media studies, folklore, history of the book, linguistics, literature, literary criticism, musicology, performance studies (theater, music, dance, and performance), philosophy, political science, religion, and sociology.


The Libraries enhanced its support of research and study in chemistry by adding a wide range of resources, from different vendors.

For more information on these resources, please go to the full resources description.
For more information on how to access any of these resources, please contact Physical Sciences Librarian Bonnie Fong at or Chemistry and Physics Librarian Laura Palumbo at


With nearly 1,600 titles from all 50 states, Early American Newspapers provides an unparalleled record of the topics, people, issues and events that have shaped America for nearly three centuries. In Early American Newspapers, users can limit searches to items that fall into such categories as news and opinion, election returns, letters, poetry, legislative information, prices, advertisements, matrimony notices and death notices. An integrated interface allows researchers to cross search all of these series, as well as easily view, magnify, print and save digital images of articles and pages. Advanced search capabilities allow users to search by date, place of publication or article type; browse individual titles and more.

For more information on this resource, please go to the full resource description.
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JSTOR provides electronic access to back-runs of hundreds of important scholarly journals in the arts, business, humanities, law, and the social sciences.

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Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) is a database of primary source collections for the 19th Century, primarily British and American, but including material from other nations and in other languages.  Unlike comparable collections for earlier periods (Early English Books Online and Eighteenth Century Collections Online), NCCO is selective, including not all publications from the period, but thematic groupings of materials, called Archives (most of which have multiple sub-collections).  

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Childhood Studies is international and cross-cultural in scope, transcending narrow geographical confines and analyzing modern and historical childhoods both locally and globally. The peer reviewed articles in this resource are written by eminent scholars in the various disciplines that comprise "Childhood Studies." Areas of coverage include topics in the humanities, social sciences, health sciences, public policy, as well as law and ethics. Researchers and practitioners at all levels need tools that help them filter through the proliferation of information sources to material that is reliable and directly relevant to their inquiries. Oxford Bibliographies in Childhood Studies will offer a trustworthy pathway through the thicket of information overload.

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This package comprises 85 significant e-books in the areas of psychology, mental health, therapy and social sciences in medicine.  Includes monographs and reference works in areas like clinical psychology, identity theory and the treatment of autism.

For more information on any of these new collections, please contact Interim Associate University Librarian for Collection Development and Management Thomas Izbicki.