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New Resource: Data-Planet Statistical Datasets

January 18, 2017

We are pleased to announce that online access to Data-Planet Statistical Datasets is now available to the Rutgers community. Data-Planet is a web-based research solutions tool that provides fast and easy access to data from licensed and public domain datasets within an easy-to-use interface.

The largest repository of standardized and structured statistical data, Data-Planet features:

  • 35 billion data points
  • 4.9 billion datasets
  • 450+ source databases
  • 70+ data providers
  • 16 major subject categories
  • Thousands of descriptors

There are billions of charts, maps, views, rankings, time series, and tables available for use in the Data-Planet repository. Coverage includes US federal, US state, international, and nonprofit organizational sources.

All of the data have been standardized and structured, and are described with up to 37 fields of metadata, including a controlled vocabulary. Data can be saved, shared, and exported in a number of standard formats for use in presentations, reports, and research.

Access to Data-Planet supplants the subscription to Statistical Insight, which was discontinued last month.