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New Resource: VisualDX

December 16, 2016

VisualDX is available via computer, iPad, or iOS/Android smartphone.

Online access to VisualDX is now available to the Rutgers community.

VisualDX is a differential diagnosis decision support tool that contains peer-reviewed information and is designed to be used at the point of care.

Searchers can begin on the home page of VisualDX and type the chief complaint, medication, or other terminology into the differential diagnosis builder.  As further information is entered into the “Additional Findings” text box, the scope of the diagnosis narrows.

Once a diagnosis has been established, the following information may be retrieved from VisualDX:

  • Synopsis
  • ICD-10 Codes
  • Diagnostic Pearls
  • Differential Diagnosis and Pitfalls
  • Best Tests
  • Management Pearls
  • Therapy
  • References

Information may be viewed in the form of photos, “sympticons,” or lists. VisualDX also contains a series of patient information handouts which can be customized to include photos of either pediatric or adult patients and then printed or sent via email. 

VisualDX is fully integrated with both PubMed and UpToDate.