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New website of historic yearbooks

October 23, 2013
Title page of the 1888 Scarlet Letter.

Title page of the 1888 Scarlet Letter.

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to announce that a selection of yearbooks is now available for viewing online, through a new University Yearbooks webpage.

The University Yearbooks webpage features select Scarlet Letter yearbooks from 1871 to 1895. Users can browse through the digitized yearbooks using a computer or mobile device, turning the “pages” as they go through the book. Users can search for names and terms across and inside the yearbooks, and even leave comments using the website’s “Share Your Memories” feature.

The Scarlet Letter is only one of the many yearbooks that have reflected the lives of Rutgers students over the years. The Rutgers University Libraries plan to expand the digitization project, in the next few years, to include yearbooks from other years and colleges.

For more information about the yearbooks project, please see