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Online Access to British Periodicals Now Available

June 28, 2016
British periodicals now available

Online access to British Periodicals is now available.

This multidisciplinary database offers facsimile page images and fully-searchable text for roughly 500 British periodicals published from the 17th through the 20th centuries, with a particular strength in the 19th century. It provides primary resource material for students and researchers with interests ranging from the humanities and fine arts to the social sciences.  Major titles include All the Year Round, the Edinburgh Review, Gentleman’s Magazine, Quarterly Review, and the Tatler

British Periodicals is divided into four collections:

Collection I

  • Draws upon the English Literary Periodicals and British Periodicals in the Creative Arts microfilms collections
  • Comprised of over 160 journals totaling 5,238 volumes or 3.1 million pages
  • Strengths in literature, philosophy, history, science, the fine arts, and the social sciences

Collection II

  • Draws upon English Literary Periodicals and British Periodicals in the Creative Arts microfilms collections, plus additional titles
  • Comprised of over 300 journals totaling 3 million pages
  • Strengths in literature, music, art, drama, archaeology, and architecture

Collection III

  • Focuses on the “Great Eight” popular British periodicals from the early 20th century
  • Strengths in news, politics, miscellany, art, photography, literature, comedy, satire, and illustrations

Collection IV

  • Expands strengths of Collection III
  • Topics covered include socialism and labor, international affairs and conflict, leisure and rural life, the arts, travel, empire, and childhood and youth

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