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Research Data Management Services at the Libraries

August 1, 2017
research data management services

Rutgers University Libraries’ Data Team in New Brunswick recently announced the launch of their new website for Research Data Management Services. We caught up with Laura Palumbo and Ryan Womack of the Data Team to learn more about research data management and how the Libraries can support researchers who work with data.

What is research data management and who will find it useful?

Everyone who uses data in their research process is already unconsciously practicing research data management, but we want to impart the best practices for planning, organizing, sharing, and preserving your data. Careful planning can avoid pitfalls in the research process and smooth the path to grant approval. Solid data organization can improve daily research productivity and enable other researchers to understand your work more easily. Sharing and preservation make the products of your research available to the community, enhancing the visibility and authority of the publications based on the shared data.

Anyone doing research will benefit from learning best practices, but those who are beginning to work with grants that require Data Management Plans or data sharing will find research data management especially useful.

What sorts of resources are available on the new website?

We provide a few selected resources for guidance at every stage of the research process. There are links to resources about best practices for data organization, which describe such things as good backup methods and file naming conventions. We have resources on writing Data Management Plans, which are a necessary part of grant proposals, and we provide resources about disciplinary data repositories for sharing and preserving research data. There is much more information available on these topics than we can include on our website, though, and we hope researchers will contact our Data Team for personalized data management assistance and answers to questions.

What other services does the Data Team provide?

The Data Team can provide individual consultation on a variety of research data issues, including discovering, managing, and analyzing data.  Every semester we give open workshops on statistical software (R, SAS, Stata, SPSS) and topics such as Data Visualization and Reproducible Research.

What’s next for the Data Team?

Our popular workshops on statistical software are scheduled for this September and October—please see our Workshops page for more details. In the spring, we are planning a hands-on workshop about writing Data Management Plans. In addition, for 2018 we are working on disciplinary data management presentations, which can be scheduled on demand. Check back on our Workshops page in the spring for details, or contact the Data Management Team. We are happy to provide customized presentations or workshops to meet particular needs.

How can researchers get in touch with you for more information?

Please contact the Data Team at We look forward to hearing from you!

What if I’m not at Rutgers–New Brunswick?

The Libraries have experts to support your needs no matter where you are. For data services support at Rutgers–Camden, contact your departmental liaison librarian. At Rutgers–Newark, check out the Dana Library Data Support page or contact Minglu Wang. For Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, contact Yini Zhu at Smith Library or Yingting Zhang at Robert Wood Johnson Library.